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Beer Ice Cream Tirai Kiya Kya “Biro”?

Beer Ice Cream Tirai Kiya Kya “Biro”?



Beer ice cream can make you scream with its outburst of two distinctive flavours in your mouth! A Friday night with this ice cream, Netflix and a warm blanket can make your heart sing, “Life sahi hai! Tension nahi hai!” and be at your happiest.


Without drinking, know more about this flavour of ice cream below:



1. Robert McCay Green invented this booze-filled dessert, “nasha aur sawad ab dono saath,” in the United States in 1874, kya mast kaam kiya na.



2. “Asar aur kaam same, difference hai only in name.” Beer ice cream is known by different names in different countries. Remember Spiderman? Beer ice cream is known as ‘Spider’ in New Zealand and Australia due to the formation of the Spider-web by the process of carbonation. Mexico’s version of it is, ‘Helado Flotante’.



3. Root Beer Float is also known as ‘black cow’ or ‘brown cow’. It is one of the famous beer ice creams, mainly made of vanilla ice cream and root beer. Booze with a smooth vanilla taste can make your taste buds dance with joy.



4. Icekraft in Delhi serves alcohol-infused ice cream along with quirky flavours, which will settle down your craving for both ice cream and booze as well as. Beer ice cream is something making its position in the heart of customers eventually.



5. Beer ice cream is not the only option to eat! You can also pick other sober options like other carbonated drinks with ice cream known as floating one, mainly served with coke, sprite, orange drink with different ice cream flavours.

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6. Beer ice cream acts as a great stress reliever due to the presence of the perfect amount of alcohol and taste. It relaxes the stressed part of your brain and stimulates positive factors around it.



7. Even an ice cream date will be the most romantic gesture and idea! You can discover different flavours of ice creams and also love. Even beer ice cream wouldn’t make you regret it at all.



Beer ice cream will show you another way to paradise. We recommend, do not miss this “param sukh” by thinking it will ruin the taste of your ice cream or beer. Instead, the combo will make you a ‘Jabra Fan’ of it. So go explore and move to a new flavour of ice cream with beer ice cream!

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