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Beer Marathon

Beer Marathon


No, we are not kidding. Beer Marathon does exist!

The widely popular race that is held in countless places around the world, and also known as Beer Race, is a kind of Marathon where after each lap, the runner is allowed to consume and given a beer.

1. In Beer Race, Wheat Beer reduces inflammation and respiratory illness.

2. As dehydration is never a runner's friend, alcohol reduces muscle cramps, general fatigue, and muscle pulls.

3. Broadly, there are seven types of Beer Marathon.

Let's take a look at what these seven types of Beer Races—

a. Marathon Du Medoc: 

26.2-mile race with 23 wine-tasting stops and compulsory fancy dress for runners taking not more than 6.5 hours in Bordeaux, France.

b. Run Bacchus:

Runners can choose between– a marathon, a half marathon or, a five-mile run/walk along with 12 refreshment stops. This one takes place in Surrey, England.

c. Beer level marathon:

Runners are provided 15 different Belgian beers in a 26.2-mile marathon that happens in Liege, Belgium.

d. Lanzarote wine run:

Runners can choose between half-marathon or a 10km walk, which has Lanzarote's finest wines and food at each checkpoint. This race occurs in Las Palmas, Lanzarote.

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e. Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon:

All-night party at the finish line is a rare opportunity to run through a night-lit Disney theme park with 25 wine in Walt Disney World Resort, Florida!

f. Water to wine half marathon:

This half marathon starts and finishes at Kendall Jackson Wine Estate and Gardens leading you through three wineries in the heart of Sonoma Wine Country in Fulton, California.

g. Beer mile:

Easiest of all, this race-track follows the rule of four beers in each lap. You only need to gather some friends, and the race begins.      

Beer Marathons are crazily popular not only amidst the fans of beer, but also the people who just want to spend some time relaxing, detoxing, and are on a trip to enjoy holidays.

So, the next time you plan to visit any of the above nations with your friends, or cousins, or even family, then do plan your vacation near the dates when Beer Marathon is going to be held.

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