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Benefits Of Multitasking In Gaming, You Might Be Unaware Of

Benefits Of Multitasking In Gaming, You Might Be Unaware Of



Whether or not multitasking, in general, serves for your greater good, multitasking in gaming indeed has some benefits for you. The practice has been found to increase brain power and enhance quick thinking among individuals. Here are a few more benefits of multitasking in gaming:


1. Some particular games like PUBG require good hand-eye coordination. The player also uses his auditory senses to listen to his teammates, process their statements, and respond using his voice. All of it takes place in a minimal time and while gaming simultaneously, which leads to a lot of mental stimulation.


2. Every game has a fixed set of rules. All the in-game actions of a player must comply with those rules, else he will be disqualified. Due to this, the player always cross-correlates any new information with the set of rules. This enhances his ability to integrate details.


3. Multitasking doesn’t mean simply picking up two or more tasks at the same time and getting on with it. The person also has to perform those tasks appropriately, which requires a certain level of simultaneous attention to all the chores at hand. It improves the focus and concentration of the person.


4. While multitasking in gaming, the player might encounter some new information, which happens in many RPG games. The player has to memorize and retain that information while playing the game simultaneously. Such actions lead to an improvement in memory and learning.


5. In the case of simultaneously handling two or more aspects while multitasking in gaming, the player sometimes has to overlook at least one of them. This needs the player to prioritize things and trains the decision-making ability of the player.


6. At the age of 40, a person’s multitasking abilities are reduced to almost half of what they were at 20. Multitasking in games can be explained by the fact that 65- to 80-year-old players become as proficient at multitasking as 20-year-old players after a month of playing such games!


7. Some of the PC games which require multitasking:

World of Warcraft

Destiny 2

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Path of Exile

The Witness

Into the Breach

Assassin’s Creed




A team of researchers led by Adam Gazzaley at the University of California, San Francisco, created a game that will enhance brain function. With multitasking to its core, NeuroRacer is all about the player paying attention to the road signs as he drives around the track and takes action only when a particular sign shows up.

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