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Benefits Of Table Lamps? Ye Bhi Koi Puchne Wali Baat Hui?

Benefits Of Table Lamps? Ye Bhi Koi Puchne Wali Baat Hui?

benefits of table lamps

The benefits of table lamps are many. One can start from the fact that these lights have been added to the interior of homes for generations. Apart from being remarkably attractive, they also enhance the aesthetics of your house. But still, many people say, “tubelight aur bulb hai na? toh table lamp kyu chahiye??”

Well, find below the benefits of table lamps and why this technology remains in demand (as you might have watched in many stories, be it books or movies):

1. Table lamps do not come with any hassle as they are effortless to set up. They come with a wire attached to them. Plug the wire in, switch on the lamp, and “TADAAA!”

benefits of table lamps

2. Table lamps only give out light in a particular area of the room, depending on where they get placed.

3. If you like reading at night and don’t want to turn on the big lights, you can always go under the table lamp to read or effectively do your work without any strain on your eyes. The table lamp will only illuminate the book you are reading.

4. Table lamps are known for the soft light that they give out. Soft light illuminates the room but also does not feel harsh or bright to the eyes. If someone wants to wake, turning the light on without waking anyone else in the room, then a table lamp is the best thing.

5. Table lamp is a saviour for the people who are afraid of sleeping in the dark, like small children. Due to this, the parents use table lamps. The table lamp gives just enough light to make them feel comfortable.

6. Mostly table lamps have a dim yellow light for a pleasant effect on the eyes.

benefits of table lamps

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7. Table lamps can add up to the life of your room and make it come together. Sometimes people buy them according to the colour theme of their room.

8. “But lanterns can be used too!!” Lanterns are a great option if you are travelling/trekking. Table lamps, on the other hand, are fixed. (these are like smaller version street lights for the rooms/inside of the buildings).

lamps design

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9. “And what about candles, well?” Candles are evergreen, indeed. But, there’s always a risk of fire and time-limit. Table Lamps are used for long hours, and these days, they also come with the option of battery (thus wireless).

benefits of table lamps

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Do you know, many skilled artists work under the table lamp to pay great attention to detail and make their work stand out. Thus are the benefits of Table Lamps! These are a must-must-have if you are a dreamer who dreams with open eyes, staying awake at night!

PS: “Nonetheless, ‘Panchayat (Amazon Prime)’ gawah hai, technology toh technology hai. Kismat kharab ho toh dhoka table lamp bhi de sakta hai.”

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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