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Kya Benz Patent Motorwagen Bewafa Hai? It Has No AC Or Music System!

Kya Benz Patent Motorwagen Bewafa Hai? It Has No AC Or Music System!


Yes, you read that right: Benz Patent Motorwagen has no air conditioner or music system. Is a car even worth driving without these basics?

Well, revisit the times while scrolling through our screens when people went crazy for this car that had none of these.

Bas 2 hi minute lagenge.

  1. When transportation became “Atma Nirbhar”:

Way before the arrival of the Maruti 800, Carl Benz built the Benz Patent-Motorwagen in 1885, regarded as the first-ever self-propelled automobile (or car).

Benz Patent Motorwagen

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  1. Aadha kaam ho chuka hai:

Benz successfully developed a gasoline-powered two-stroke piston engine in 1873, shifting his focus on making a motorized vehicle. He simultaneously designed and manufactured stationary engines and their related parts.

  1. When factory fire sparked ideas:

While thinking of an idea to fuel his motorwagen engine, Benz heard of a local fire in Mannheim. There a spark caused ignition in a bowl of Benzene being used to clean work gloves. Benz came up with the idea to power his engine by igniting the Benzene fluid and controlling the explosion.

the fire explosion

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  1. Umm…three wheels might be enough, I guess?

Benz and his partners, Rose and Esslinger, used bicycles very often. It inspired him with the idea of creating a motorwagen with a tricycle configuration in which the power will be transferred to the rear wheels through a chain.


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  1. Tod dijiye ye deewaar:

The first trial of the motorwagen using a two-stroke engine failed. In the second trial, Benz and Bertha were sitting together. The motorwagen collided straight into the brick wall of his shop as soon as Benz drove it!

car crashed in brick wall

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  1. “Let me handle this”:

While Benz was developing his motorwagen, he was slightly sceptical about transforming his idea into reality. He examined the Patent Motorwagen only on the road and the yard around his workshop. But his wife Bertha was the first person who tested it on a long-distance trail.

  1. Na jaane kahan se aayi hai:

During the summer of 1888, Bertha set out on a journey of more than 50 miles from Mannheim to Pforzheim to test drive the second prototype Motorwagen with her two sons Eugen and Richard. Their Motorwagen drew a lot of attention from people in the villages along their journey.

Bertha with Eugen and Richard

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  1. Petrol nahi, Diesel bhi nahi:

Bertha and her sons refilled the radiator and purchased Benzene for the fuel tank at a chemist in Wiesloch. The same pharmacy now proudly boasts of being the world’s first filling station.

chemist in Wiesloch

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  1. Maybe Germans are also good at Jugaad?

Along their journey, Bertha used her hatpin to clear a clogged fuel line. She made an insulator from her band when an ignition wire got short-circuited. The sole purpose of this journey was to make everyone realize that their bandwagon will change the future of automobiles.

  1. And here it is, the fruit of patience!

Through the dedicated efforts of Bertha and her sons, the company Messrs. Benz & Cie. came into existence with its headquarters in Mannheim. There also came a time when this company ruled automobile manufacturing in the whole world.

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  1. Itni mehnat kaun kare?:

Although the Benz Patent Motorwagen turned out to be promising, people were inclined on using horse and buggy to commute. The hay needed to feed a horse was widely available, but the Benzene for the fuel tank could be purchased only from a chemist. It delayed the sales of Benz Patent Motorwagen till the year 1892.

  1. Pehle istemaal karein fir vishwas karein:

In September 1888, Benz offered a test drive to the interested people in the Model 3 Patent Motorwagen, which was exhibited at the Munich Engineering Exposition. This move garnered a lot of public attention, sparking an interest in the masses, as was reported by multiple publications.

  1. Badhaai ho! Bada order mila hai:

In 1889, Emile Roger, Benz’s first sales agent, exhibited the Patent Motorwagen at the Paris Exposition. A dozen units were sold by the end of 1892, and the company received even more orders to deliver.

So this was all about Benz Patent Motorwagen, the first car ever to hit the roads.

Hitting the roads in a car has no luxury of entertainment, windshield or cool air touching your skin amidst all the heat can be a wild thought. But the mere thought of travelling in a car used to be a luxury back in the day. All thanks to the genius, Carl Benz!

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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