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Blues, Festivals Or Chill, These Best Chocolate Brands In India Are Handling It Really Well!

Blues, Festivals Or Chill, These Best Chocolate Brands In India Are Handling It Really Well!


These best chocolate brands in India have tirelessly worked to ensure the sweet supply in as many diverse ways as possible, from a pocket-vacating giant bar of chocolate to the 2-rupees sweet treats.

Have a look at the ones who have made it all happen:

  1. Festivals are incomplete without a Cadbury…celebrations advertisement:

With diverse sweet treats like Dairy Milk Silk, Crispello, Fuse, 5 Star, Perk, etc., Cadbury, the crown-bearer of chocolates in India, is as versatile as Nawazuddin Siddiqui and is number one among the highest selling chocolate brands in India. Although Cadbury has tried and succeeded at Error 404 still indicates that Cadbury Bytes is irreplaceable.

Cadbury Gift Pack

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  1. The ‘Good Food’ brand that has given ‘Good Life’ to coffee lovers as well:

The brand that once lured our taste buds with Kit Kat Chunky, Nestle, can be called the Circuit of chocolates in India, Cadbury being the Munna Bhai. Nestle has also offered a lot of variety to chocolate lovers with Munch, Kit Kat, Bar One, and the one of its kind, Milky Bar.

Good Food Brand Chocolate

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  1. Matlab, Amul sirf doodh nahi banata?

The brand that has given us Amul Kool, our much-loved summer treats, isn’t confined to just milk production. Amul has a wide range of surprises for chocolate lovers in India, with some delicious variants like Milk Chocolate, Choco Cracker, Fruit n Nut to name a few. Fun fact: Amul’s dark chocolate costs 25 rupees while Bournville is priced at 45. Matlab…aapki marzi hai.

Amul Chocolate

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  1. The Soan Papdi of chocolate day-Ferrero Rocher:

With a name that served as a tongue twister to many of us in our childhood, Ferrero Rocher convinced us of its elite standard at first glance itself. Ferrero Rocher is one of the highest-selling premium chocolates in India, with a box-full of multiple choco bombs wrapped in golden foils.

Ferrero Rocher

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  1. The supplier of our much-loved chocolate and strawberry syrups-Hershey:

Whether your proposal is accepted or rejected, Hershey’s is the only brand that can guarantee that you’ll get ‘Kisses’ after spending some bucks for chocolate. The brand, whose chocolate and strawberry syrups have given us some delightful summer treats in ice cream and milkshakes, also offer limited (but tasty) chocolate varieties. These are like Creamy milk, Whole Almonds, and Cookies ‘n’ Creme.

Hershey's chocolate
  1. When ‘Mars’ brought ‘Galaxy’ to the Blue Planet:

Remember the Mahasangam of chocolates? The big and fancy chocolate baskets having chocolates of multiple brands kept for festivities in every other departmental store. Most of us got the first glance of ‘Mars’ chocolates in that choco-exhibition itself. The same brand that impressed our taste buds with Snickers, Galaxy, Twix, and m&m’s, is one of the best chocolate brands in India that’s adored!

When 'Mars' brought 'Galaxy' to the Blue Planet
  1. The Thakur sahab of biscuits in India, Parle-G:

Hugely popular as the saviour of the masses and a perfect tea companion with their very economical and ever-so affordable Parle-G, Parle took a step further to take care of its elite customers as well. The brand dominated the market of premium chocolates after it started offering varieties: Caramel & Sea Salt, Organic Dark Chocolate, Creamy Milk, and Blackberry & Ginger in the premium segment.

Parle G

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  1. The triangular treat with its packaging identical to Agarbatti, Toblerone:

It is one of the best chocolate brands in India in the premium segment. The fondest memory of eating a bar of Toblerone is one of those “nice” relatives treating you to it after returning to India from a foreign trip. Even though the chocolate is yummy, one can’t even dare to take a bite in one go without hurting their tooth.


Be it the beginning of a new friendship, proposing that loved one, snacking between the history lecture, or offering a festivity, chocolates have found their way to every occasion. We hope you might have sensed the nostalgia your way down here.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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