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Best Cultural Centres To Learn A New Language!

Best Cultural Centres To Learn A New Language!


As evidenced by its cultural centres, Delhi embraces different values and cultures with open arms. Visit some of the buzzing cultural centres in Delhi to broaden your horizons and soak up some culture while you’re there!



1) India International Centre

      Premier cultural institutes in Delhi where diplomats, intellectuals, scientists, writers and artists freely engage in discussions.

      Various events are conducted as well in the spirit of international cooperation.

      Well-known for holding various cultural programmes, film screenings, festivals and conferences throughout the year. So, definitely keep checking their website for more!



2) India Habitat Centre

      People can share and synergy on diverse habitat-related topics at this, one of the best cultural centres of India.

      In this complex are offices of many institutions. Several popular restaurants are located within the complex (read the All American Diner).

      It’s not uncommon to run into famous poets, theatre artists or musicians at the venue.



3) India Islamic Cultural Centre

      It aims to promote mutual understanding among the people of this country and to illustrate “real” Islam that is tolerant, liberal, progressive and rational.

      As part of the IICC’s literary and cultural events, scholars and leaders from different cultures participate in talks, exhibitions, discussions, seminars.



4) Shri Ram Centre For Performing Arts

      The Mandi House area is one of the most active areas for theatre in Delhi, where this cultural institution is located.

      Performing arts talent was to be promoted at the centre. This school focuses on all aspects of Hindi dramatics. It offers international standards in performing arts and direction.

      It offers acting courses through innovative Experimental Theatre, Musical Theatre, Literary Events, Puppet Theatre and Writers Workshop to nurture new talent.



5) Italian Cultural Centre

      An institution of the Republic Of Italy facilitates this. It promotes the understanding of Italian culture and tradition in Delhi.

      This is one of the cultural centres in Delhi to explore Italian events, language classes, art exhibitions, and more aim to promote a healthy exchange between the two countries. The library is open to students and members.

      Private lessons are also available.



6) Alliance Francaise

      Alliance Francaise is an Indo-French cultural centre that promotes cultural exchange between the two countries.

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      The centre is highly regarded for its intense and highly coveted French language classes! Furthermore, they organize and curate diverse cultural events, such as film screenings, art exhibitions, etc.

      Interpretation and translation services are also readily available.



7) Goethe-Institut Max Mueller Bhavan

      Its purpose is to promote knowledge of the German language abroad and enhance cultural cooperation.

      Max Mueller, a German Indologist, inspired fostering Indo-European culture through collaboration as the centre’s aim.

      It provides a comprehensive overview of German culture in India. So, it is one of the must-explore cultural centres in Delhi.



8) Instituto Cervantes Nueva Delhi

      With the number of Indian students interested in studying Spanish, this is one of the most-visited cultural centres in Delhi.

      It offers language courses taught by highly qualified and professional staff. The school occupies an area of over 40,000 sq feet.

      It is also part of the Embassy of Spain!



So, if you are planning on learning a language, do explore some of these cultural centres of India.

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