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Best Dog Food To Help Your Dog Enjoy Celebrity Vibes!

Best Dog Food To Help Your Dog Enjoy Celebrity Vibes!

Kali Sharma

To build a strong and long-lasting bond with your pet dog, feeding it with the best dog food in the right amount is an inescapable necessity if you love your doggo. As these creatures are said to be as “foodie species,” they’ll definitely thank you for feeding with the right diet.

Different dogs have a different diet, but the best dog food is considered to be highly rich in proteins. Discover below all that you need to know about the best food for dogs:

  1. Royal Canin Dog Food

With superrrrr-se-bhi-upar quality, Royal Canin Dog Food comes in many variants and is extremely safe.

Royal Canin claims that it considers that each dog is unique and so is their nutrition.

It offers the right vitamins & minerals for dogs. From a sweet little pup to fully grown-up dogs, all kinds of food are available with Royal Canin that takes care of the growth and development of dogs.


2. IAMS Dog Food

Veterinary doctors often suggest feeding your dog with IAMS dog food, the brand that nurtures all breeds of Doggie!

It is the kind of dog food that is available for all dog age groups.

IAMS specializes in taking care of pets and DOGGO by letting them know the uniqueness of the breed.

  1. (SAN 1960) ka Science Diet Best Dog Food

Science Diet Dog Food is a company that offers a wide range of dog food for different dog-jatis.

Recommended by the top veterinary doctors, the label takes care of your dog’s happiness by feeding them with delicious and high-quality ingredients.

“Khush karne ka tareeka pet se hokar guzarta hai!”

  1. Primary Source of Protein- Purina Pro Plan Dog Food

Purina Pro Plan is nearly a century old in the dog food industry. It offers nutritious formulas for your dog to excel in zindagi ke safar mein (at every stage of life).

The brand adds nutritious multi-vitamin grains for your Champ.

It also claims to give a healthy head-start to a puppy (12-24 months) for its growth and development.

“Har paltu kutta champion hota hai apne maalik ka!”

5. And Award Goes to Acana Dog Food

All the fuss is about Acana being an award-winning dog food brand and thus said to provide the best dog food.

This best dog food brand is available in multiple food variations for all dog-breeds.

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The food is rich in fibre, has free-run chicken, and fresh minced meat to grow into a healthy bud.

  1. Protein Se Bharpoor, Orijen Dog Food

Every pet or dog deserves the best dog food, nutritious and healthy.

Orijen Dog Food is a brand that offers protein-rich dog food, and limited carbohydrates.

The other ingredients are meat, organs, cartilage and has a natural flavour. The products are easily available at online and offline Indian stores.

  1. Low in Fat, High in Protein, Farmina N&D Grain Dog Food

Farmina N&D Grain uses the real ingredients, best in quality and healthy for a dog’s diet.

The products are 100% grain-free and highly rich in proteins.

The brand offers the best dog food overall than other dog food brands. Many food options are available as per your dog’s breed and diet.


Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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