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Best Online Bookstores For The Bed-ridden Bookworms Out There!

Best Online Bookstores For The Bed-ridden Bookworms Out There!



Find below some of our favourite online bookstores to check out right away if your lazy ass cannot muster the courage to go out and get something to satisfy your inner bookworm!



1) Chapter One Books

When you prefer the feel of a hardbound book to a digital one, Chapter One Books is one of the best online bookstores to head to. Are you having trouble finding that book you’ve been looking for? They deliver less popular yet fascinating books to readers across the country!



2) Destino

Begun by Apoorva and Shariya with just 500 rupees, Destino is one of our favourite online bookstores! The brand has grown a lot since then. Among the three packages they offer are white, yellow and blue, each of which comes with a bookmark and postcard. The Blue pack is quite unique since it promotes upcoming Indian writers.



3) Boighar

There is only one Bengali book website, Boighar. Now all the “probashi bengalis” living outside your hometown (including the bibliophiles in Kolkata) can rejoice. This platform helps small to medium-scale publishers keep the zeal for Bengali books alive. No matter what genre or category, you’ll find all those books right at your fingertips on one of the best Bengali online bookstores – collections of essays, heritage Bengali magazines, recipe books, omnibuses, adult fiction, and comics, among others.



4) Second Hand Books India

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The Second Hand Books India website is old-fashioned and plain but much-loved online bookstores. Once you visit the website, you’ll spend a long time browsing it. Collections include romances for sappy readers, manga for weebs, art books (hardbound books on Matisse, Monet, Goya and more), horror, children’s books, science fiction and a brilliant collection under serious reading for literary buffs.



5) BookMafia

One of those dream online bookstores that offer fantastic deals throughout the year! There are categories available here like Newly Added, 99 Store, 299 Store, Combos, classics, fiction, nonfiction, and autobiographies. It makes browsing easier for customers. You no longer have to rush to the e-commerce giants when you need to buy a book!



These were only some of the many available online bookstores. Recommend us your preferred online bookstores in the comments below. And let us know if you liked our recommendations!

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