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Best Parathas In Ahmedabad For Those Whose Mornings Are Incomplete Without Them!

Best Parathas In Ahmedabad For Those Whose Mornings Are Incomplete Without Them!



Find here the best parathas in Ahmedabad if you are someone who cannot live without saying, “Mummy, bas ek paratha aur…!”

Paratha, the baked Indian delicacy, is the staple breakfast for almost every North Indian household. With more than 80 different variants, this common man’s dish is a “sleeper” of the world of food. With a history spanning several centuries, parathas have become synonymous with India. Without further ado, here are some places in Ahmedabad that serve amazing parathas.


1. Jassi de Parathe, Vastrapur

  • One of the most popular places for savouring parathas in Ahmedabad. Every Ahmedabad-ian has heard of this place and for a good reason.

  • Makai Lasan Cheese da Paratha is like a short trip to heaven. Served with sliced onions, curd and white butter, the traditional way, this paratha is delightfully delicious.

  • Just pair it with a glass of lassi, and the experience becomes more heavenly.

  • A single plate costs INR 200.


2. Swad Desi, Vastrapur

  • Another gem of Vastrapur, Swad Desi, is famous for its Chicken Cheese Paratha and another prime destination for best parathas in Ahmedabad, that’ll never fail to disappoint you.

  • Made by using chicken keema marinated in a cheese-based mixture, this paratha will leave you licking your fingers.

  • Every non-vegetarian Foodie appreciates chicken and cheese together.

  • A single plate costs INR 180.


3. Punjab Paratha Point, Navrangpura

  • Baked using a batter of cheesy and spicy boiled potatoes, the Aloo Cheese Paratha at PPP is an excellent breakfast option.

  • Served with curd and loads of butter, there is no type of hunger that this paratha will not be able to eliminate.

  • A single plate costs INR 85.


4. Kaffee Mast Hai, Chandkheda

  • This chic-looking place in Chandkheda is known for its continental aloo parathas, the Garlic Mashed Potato Wrap, as they call it.

  • The potato stuffing is seasoned with Garlic and is stuffed in Pita bread that gives it its unique taste.

  • A single plate costs INR 210.


5. O’Philotes, Bodakdev

  • You’ve eaten an aloo paratha, a gobhi paratha or a paneer paratha. But have you ever eaten a paratha that has everything in it? If not, then O’Philotes is the place to go.

  • Their mix paratha has a combination of vegetables and spices that make it a delight to eat.

  • A single plate costs INR 200.


6. Special Royal Junglee Paratha, Royal Punjab Paratha


7. Stuff’s Food, Naranpura

  • Made with grounded green gram, churi paratha is a traditional dish with radish or potatoes as stuffing.

  • The authentic and traditional taste is enjoyed best with a refreshing glass of fresh lassi.

  • This restaurant is also famous for its kulchas.


8. J’s Parathas

  • The paneer parathas at this paratha joint are things to die for.

  • Made using the freshest ingredients, J’s paneer parathas are served with curd and pickle. 


9. Pooja Paratha, IIM Road

  • The roadside paratha stall near IIM Ahmedabad is a popular hangout spot for people studying in the institution.

  • Don’t go by its looks. Try their cheese paratha once and this place will become your favourite place in the world for sure.

  • Plus, the prices are reasonable as well.


Parathas are a complete meal in themselves. So, if you are missing some good stuffed parathas in Ahmedabad, you need to visit these outlets! Easy-to-make and full of taste, they are like blessings for the people of our country. A few more sides enhance the experience further. Truly, it is God’s gift to this wonderful world.

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