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Best places to visit in Bhilai during your summer vacation!!

Best places to visit in Bhilai during your summer vacation!!


Are you thinking of some best places to visit Bhilai as you go for a vacation at your grandparents’ house? Then you should visit these places for a memorable trip. But first, let’s know a lil’ bit about Bhilai. Bhilai is a city in the eastern central Indian state of Chhattisgarh. Bhilai–Durg in Chhattisgarh’s second-largest city, behind Raipur, with a population of 1,064,077 people. Bhilai is a prominent Indian industrial city as well as a central India education centre. 

Here we bring you the best places to visit in Bhilai.

1. Dhamdha 

Amongst the first best places to visit in Bhilai is Dhamdha. It is near Bhilai on the route to Bemetara. It is a sight to behold, including an ancient fort (Prachin Kila) and a temple. There are various restaurants and motels in the area for travellers to stay the night.

2. Tandula

Tandula is one of the best places to visit in Bhilai that is 60 kilometres from Bhilai, is famed for a man-made marvel, the Tandula River Dam. This area, which is ideal for a picnic, attracts many visitors, particularly during the winter months. The presence of guest houses provided by the Irrigation Department is a plus for a location.

3. Siyadevi

Siyadevi is noted for its Sita Maiya Temple, which is situated in a beautiful setting. Also, if you visit between July and February, you may take in the stunning scenery of a natural waterfall. Siyadevi, named for Ram’s pious wife, Lady Sita, is thought to be one of the sites where Ram, Laxman, and Sita stayed during their Vanvaas.

4. Deobalad

Deobalad is another of the best places to visit in Bhilai that is a must-explore. It is about 3 kilometres from Bhilai, is a residential area with an ancient Shiva Mandir.

5. Shopping in Bhilai

Ceramics, technological devices, local handicrafts, and branded products are all available for purchase. When in Bhilai, one can buy almost everything. Bhilai’s Civic Centre is the most popular shopping destination. It also has a variety of restaurants. Shopping in this city is a pleasurable experience for people of all ages. Other prominent retail malls in Bhilai are Akash Ganga and Gangotri.

6. Maitri Bagh

Maitri Bagh, which means “Garden of Friendship,” is a zoo/park that is a relaxing destination for both adults and children. In the Bhilai region, it is the largest zoo. It provides a diverse range of entertainment options and caters to the pleasure and delight of guests. Maitri Bagh was built in 1972 as a symbol of brotherhood between the Soviet Union and India. SAIL developed the Bhilai Steel Plant. It is also known as The Friendship Park, and it attracts a large number of tourists.

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7. Hajra

Hajra, 100 kilometres from Bhilai, is surrounded by dense woodland, tunnels, and hills and is surrounded by a tiny steel city and the hustle and bustle of people. Hajra Falls, surrounded by the scenic splendour of nature, gives a stunning spectacle cascading from a height of 150 metres. Locals and tourists alike use this picnic site, which also offers lodging in the shape of a Forest Bungalow.

8. Ganga Maiya Temple

The Ganga Maiya Temple in Jhalmala is one of the best places to visit in Bhilai that is 60 kilometres from there. It has fascinating mythology attached to it. According to mythology, a local fisherman discovered the temple’s deity in his net but did not recover it.

9. Uwasaggharam Parshwa Teerth

Uwasaggharam Parshwa Teerth, a well-known pilgrimage site in Nagpura, was founded in 1995. The complex also includes a park, a temple, a yoga centre, and an inn, all located along the Sheonath River. The temple’s most appealing feature is its 30-foot-high entryway and Shri Parshwanath’s statue. Amiya, or holy water, is expelled from the statue. The place attracts a large number of devotees, especially on full moon days.

Now that you have these 9 best places to visit in Bhilai, we assure you your trip to your Nani or Dadi won’t be boring. There’s gonna be more than just meeting your grandparents!

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