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Best Shops To Eat Gulab Jamun In India? We Can Hear Your Midnight Sugar Craves!

Best Shops To Eat Gulab Jamun In India? We Can Hear Your Midnight Sugar Craves!


Best shops to eat Gulab Jamun in India “kyunki koi gulab si ruhani jaanu mile na mile, dil ko behlane ke liye Gulab Jamun ki wafa hardum saath hai.”


Like, who wouldn’t want to know the places where the best shops to eat gulab jamun are present so that even if your diet has taken off but your tongue could have a foodgasm?

So, without any further delays, *foodie alert alarm* find below the best shops to eat Gulab Jamun in India:

  1. Chaina Ram Sindhi Confectioners

Speciality – The syrup of this best gulab jamuns contains pistas in it. The whole bite is so fulfilling in taste, making it hard to not clinch the deal!

Where – Along the wall of the Fatehpuri mosque, Fatehpur, Delhi 

Price –  Rs 15 only

Chaina Ram Sindhi Confectioners

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  1. Baljees Restaurant

Speciality – A restaurant that has existed for years has earned cult status. The best thing about it is that the gulab jamun has a steamy, captivating taste that makes it the best eating experience.

Where – Mall Road, Shimla Himachal  

Price –  Rs 300 for two

Baljees Restaurant

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  1. Gurdas Ram Jalebi Wala

Speciality – “Find me the softest and yet fluffiest gulab jamun in the country, and I will rest my case.” Here is one of the best shops to eat gulab jamun when it comes to the texture of the sweet.

Where – Katra Ahluwalia, Amritsar, Punjab 

Price –  Rs 100 for two

  1. Jhama Sweets

Speciality – A shop that started at the times of Partition of India, has been sending love & sweetness ever since. Enjoy the mouth-watering gulab jamun with a recipe that’s been on & on for decades. 

Where – Kharghar, Mumbai  

Price –  Rs 22 only

Jhama Sweets

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  1. Haldiram’s

Speciality – No Compromise with quality and taste. Not just the gulab jamun, even other sweets are the best out there. The outlet also has an ample amount of varieties.

Where – Chandni Chowk, Delhi 

Price –  Rs 200 for two

  1. Shiv Misthan Bhandar

Speciality –  “Delhi se ho aur ye nhi khaya toh kya khaya,” should be enough for saying the worth of this one. The restaurant provides you with the highest premium taste of your sweet at a price that’s economical.

Where – Chandni Chowk, Delhi 

Price –  Rs 12.5 only

Shiv Misthan Bhandar

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  1. Narinder Sweet House

Speciality – “Bun gulab jamun, anyone?” That’s what makes it incomparable. The hype and buildup will be worth it. 

Where – Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh  

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Price –  Rs 100 for two

  1. Kebab and Kurries

Speciality – When it comes to the best shops to eat Gulab Jamun in India, here’s an outlet with nationwide popularity and branches altogether. Eat the best gulab jamun of your life with the comfortable staff and chefs. 

Where – Sarita Vihar, Delhi 

Price –  Rs 200 for two

  1. Chingari

Speciality – I will just say mava/nuts in the centre of gulab jamun…okay, okay. Not teasing you. Here’s Jamun-e-nazakat by one of the best shops to eat Gulab Jamun in India. It is stuffed with sweetness and devotion.

Where – Sheraton Grand, Pune

Price – Rs 1000 for two

A sweet that every northern eatery in India has is their best gulab jamun. These small round sinful sweets make you gain weight and F* up your diet and health in minutes, although healing your heart, mind and soul in seconds.


Writing about it made me have lots of best gulab jamun (lucky me), but how about you? Aha…Got it! You are ordering now, right?

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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