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Gen Z Finds Best TV Shows For Bisexuals In India By Far!

Gen Z Finds Best TV Shows For Bisexuals In India By Far!

best TV shows for bisexuals in India

We dug and have put together a list of the best TV shows for bisexuals in India! Bisexuality in TV shows is the least talked about. This underrepresentation of bisexual characters often leads to misunderstandings in different-different contexts and ways

While each acronym in the LGBT+ community has limited spaces on screens, bisexuality is often perceived as a “category” “unaware” about their sexuality. It is not commonly talked about or represented on TVs or big screens. Nonetheless, bisexual representation is not entirely skipped!

Some filmmakers have contributed to creating some of the best TV Shows for Bisexuals in India, breaking misconceptions and myths about bisexuals.

  1. Four More Shots! Please (2019- Present) – A story about four flawed yet unapologetic female friends. The plot revolves around their life decisions, anxieties and ambitions. With a cast full of talented actors, what Umang (Bani J) offers to the show and its representation makes it a must-watch for bisexuals. 
  • Duration – 30 minutes approx 
  • Genre – Drama, Romance
  • Created by Rangita Nandy
  • No. Of Episodes – 31 episodes 
  • IMDb rating – 6.6/10
  • Available On Amazon Prime Video
Four More Shots! Please

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  1. Dev DD (2017-Present) – Story of a sexually active girl, fearless smoker, unhesitant drinker, firm in her decisions and a replica of Devdas in modern-day. This TV Show is about this unpredictable girl and her vocal sexuality. Specifically, what we need as a character to break generalisations of the Bisexual Community. 
  • Duration – 24 minutes approx 
  • Genre – Drama, Romance
  • Created by Ekta Kapoor, Shobha Kapoor 
  • No. Of Episodes – 11 episodes 
  • IMDb rating – 6.5/10
  • Available On Alt Balaji and Zee 5
  1. Gandi Baat, Season 2 (2019) – ‘Gandi Baat,’ one of the most controversial and misinterpreted TV Shows in the country. The TV show is refreshed with sex, profanity and bold scenes, but was made in an attempt to give a social message to each episode. ‘Bai-Sexual’ is one such episode from Season 2 which talks about the existence of the Bisexual community and their desires. Watch for the story and screenplay it tries to communicate. 
  • Duration – 42 minutes approx 
  • Genre – Drama, Adult
  • Created by Ekta Kapoor
  • No. Of Episodes – 5 episodes 
  • IMDb rating – 6.8/10
  • Available On Alt Balaji 
Gandi Baat
  1. Twisted (2017 – Present) – Primarily a crime-thriller with the lead character served with Bisexual virtues in the TV show. A show about two female protagonists fighting for the game of thrones to attain power and strength.
  • Duration – 25 minutes approx 
  • Genre – Erotic Thriller 
  • Created by Vikram Bhatt
  • No. Of Episodes – 34 episodes 
  • IMDb rating – 6.4/10
  • Available On Alt Balaji 

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  1. Hello Mini (2019 – Present) – Based on the novel written by Novoneel Chakraborty. Hello Mini is about an independent girl. The show is courageous and doesn’t shy away from indicating the lead character in exploring her sexuality. It is the highest-rated IMDb TV series for bisexuals.
  • Duration – 25 minutes (approximately)
  • Genre – Thriller 
  • Created by Goldie Behl
  • No. Of Episodes – 15 episodes 
  • IMDb rating – 8.9/10
  • Available On MX player 
Hello Mini

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  1. Sacred Games (2018-2019) – A TV show that completely changed the Indian web series industry. Amongst all the violence, betrayal, abusive tongue, and hurls, the show illustrates a mob boss (Ganesh Gaitonde) giving respect and care to a transgender character of the show. During the second season, he dives into a voyage of sexuality. He is portrayed as natural and passionate in exploring his bisexual sides. 
  • Duration – 48 minutes (approximately)
  • Genre – Crime Thriller Conspiracy 
  • Created by Vikramaditya Motwane and Anurag Kashyap
  • No. Of Episodes – 16 episodes 
  • IMDb rating – 8.6/10
  • Available On Netflix India
Sacred Games
  1. Insomnia (2018-Present) – A Dark Comedy TV show about Nikhil, the protagonist, undergoing medical treatment. The first-ever portrayal of an Indian American, Bisexual escort. With relatable references to Indian contexts in the TV show, this will also be the first time when an American will tune into watching a show on an Indian lead from their industry. 
  • Duration – 15 minutes approx 
  • Genre – Dark Comedy
  • Created by Vishal Reddy
  • No. Of Episodes – 6 episodes 
  • IMDb rating – 7.2/10
  • Available On Youtube

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These 7 best TV shows for bisexuals in India are indeed here to kill your bi-phobia. These underrated and often misjudged TV shows are what each individual–as a human with a heart and an open mind–must keep an eye on this week!

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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