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Best Video Games To Play Right Now!

Best Video Games To Play Right Now!


In the ocean of games, picking up the best video games is one of the stiff jobs. On average, five thousand to ten thousand games are launched every year. Every video game has its unique specification and genre. Let us talk about some of the evergreen best video games, considered so by the gaming world:



1. Dishonored

      An action-adventure video game developed by Arkane Studios SASU on October 9 2012.

      Takes place in the industrial city of Dunwall, where a technology force exists. You play the character of the protagonist Corvo Attano. He is framed for murder and forced to become an assassin.

      Won the 2012 BAFTA Games Award.

      Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360



2. God of War

      A 2018 action-adventure game developed by Santa Monica Studio.

      It was the eighth addition Series, based on Norse Mythology, set in ancient Scandinavia in the realm of Midgard. It has two protagonists Kratos and his son Atreus.

      Won the BAFTA Games Award for Best Game in 2019.

      Platforms: Playstation 4



3. Fallout 4

      An action role-playing game developed by Bethesda Game Studios on November 10, 2015.

      You play the character of the protagonist named Sole Survivor depends on the sex. Gather the resources, kill the enemies and complete the quest to win the video game.

      Won the Interactive Achievement Award for Role-Playing/Massively Multiplayer Game of the Year in 2015.

      Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox, Windows



4. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

      An action-adventure video game developed by Naughty dogs.

      The player plays the character of Nathan “Nate” Drake, a veteran explorer.

      Won The Game Award for Best Performance in 2016.

      Platforms: Playstation 4, Windows



5. Overwatch

      A first-person multiplayer game developed by Niantic Blizzard Entertainment.

      One of the best video games out there, this is a team-based shooter game. There are 6 players on each side.

      Won the Teen Choice Award for Choice Video Game in 2017.

      Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox, Windows, Nintendo Switch



6. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

      An action role-playing video game developed by CD Projekt.

      A beloved best video game lets you enter a fictional fantasy world based on Slavonic Mythology. The player plays Geralt of Rivia, a monster slayer searching for her adopted daughter.

      Won The Game Award for Game of the Year in 2015.

      Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox, Windows



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7. Resident Evil 4

      A survival horror game developed by Capcom Production.

      You play the protagonist Leon Scott Kennedy, sent on the mission to save the US president’s daughter Ashley Graham, kidnapped by the mind-controlling parasite.

      Won the VGX Award for Best Graphics in 2005.

      Platforms: PlayStation 4, 2



8. The Walking Dead

      An adventure game based on The Walking Dead Comic Series.

      The walking dead game is divided into five episodes. One of the best video games that cover Zombie Apocalypse, Georgia.

      Won BAFTA Games Award for Mobile & Handheld in 2013

      Platforms: Android, iOS, Kindle Fire HDX, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Ouya, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360



9. Mario Series

      Mario is a platform based game developed by Nintendo.

      Ruling the hearts, it has to be here as the best video games to play. Mario tries to rescue Princess Peach from the Browser kidnapped in his Castle Kingdom.

      Won the Kids’ Choice Awards, the USA in 2018

      Platforms: everywhere you can see!



Choosing the games considered the best is a task, and we are always here with a list of suggestions. These games have proved to be the best in the industry. But there might be more. So do drop your favourite, best video games in the comments!

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