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Lock For Cycles, Kyon Ki Jab Tala-Chabi Hai Toh Darr Kaisa?

Lock For Cycles, Kyon Ki Jab Tala-Chabi Hai Toh Darr Kaisa?

Bike Locks For Cycles

Bike locks for cycles have become necessary because the other name of theft is fear. When you are doubtful, you are stressed more about your belongings, especially your vehicle, when parked outside without any security. For that purpose, the owner should always park his/her cycle in a safe parking area and use the best bike locks for cycles available in the market. 

Let us find some unique TALA-CHABI for your cycle.

 Sam GPS Security Cycle Lock

  • Tracking your cycle in real-time is possible when you have Sam GPS Security Cycle Lock.
  • The label offers you a lock for both your cycle and the mobile app.
  • Considered as unique and the best cycle lock in the market, it gives your cycle extra protection by accessing its engine, turning it On & Off from anywhere. 
  • The alarm rings off and notifies you on your mobile in case of theft.
  • This excellent cycle lock is available at Rs 1000 and above.
Sam GPS Security Cycle Lock

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 Rawat Combination Cycle Lock

  • Not 10 but Rawat Combination Cycle Lock has a 4-digit code system.
  • The device is suitable for safekeeping your cycles and also protects them against theft.
  • The cycle lock has a steel wire with a vinyl coating.
  • The product is durable and convenient to carry.
  • The cost of this cycle lock is below Rs 500.
4-digit code system.

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Numlock Cycle Lock

  • The heavier the cycle lock, the more it becomes difficult to cut the chain.
  • Numlock has long durability and does not rust easily.
  • For more security, the Numlock cycle lock has a security code system.
  • Many varieties of this lock are available at different costs (ranging between Rs 200-500).
Numlock Cycle Lock

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Wintech Heavy1 Cycle Lock

  • Wintech Heavy1 Cycle Lock is one of the durable, customized, and best cycle locks available in the market today.
  • The cyclist can reset the security code as he wants.
  • With a 1-year warranty, the stainless steel used in the making of this lock is durable, corrosion-free, waterproof and dustproof.
  • Approximately, the product is available between Rs 200 and Rs 500.
Bike Locks For Cycles

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 Chaabi Wala Cable-AllExtreme Universal Cable Cycle Lock

  • A long-lasting 3 feet cable is available with 2 wear-resistant keys.
  • AllExtreme Universal Cable Cycle Lock has a versatile look along with a free lock holder feature.
  • The product is suitable for cyclists and bike riders.
  • The locking system of the lock is on one side and easy to carry away with you.
  • The cycle lock has braided steel and is available at Rs 700 (approximately).
Universal Cable Cycle Lock

Bulfyss Cycle Lock-Coder of 5 Digits

  • Considered as one of the versatile and best cycle locks in the market.
  • The cyclist is free to reset the cycle lock’s 5-digit password multiple times as she likes.
  • The look is stylish and has a preventive PVC-coating on the cycle lock.
  •  The cycle lock price is near Rs 500.
Bulfyss Cycle Lock-Coder

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Locking and Popping- Rollyware Cycle Lock

  • The mechanism of the Rollyware Cycle Lock is rough and tough. Thus, this is one of those bike locks for cycles that are not easy to break.
  • The cycle lock price is near Rs 800 and is available at both online and offline stores.
  • The popping keyhole moves to prevent dust and corrosion.
  • The cycle lock has three extra keys.
Popping- Rollyware Cycle Lock

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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