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But Bike Panniers Are For The Musafirs!

But Bike Panniers Are For The Musafirs!

Bike pannier

Chalo Musafir fir, aaj charcha ki jaaye, aage lagi uss cycle ki basket par…

Going to buy groceries while aiding your cycling enthusiasm? Then, along with all the groceries on your way back home, you might need to carry a water bottle, your cap etc. Should you ask for your brother’s backpack? No! Too exhausting! Mum’s handbag? Nae, too boring.

So here is the solution: A Bike Pannier! But what is it and how is it beneficial for us?

Bike Pannier is a small bag that can be bolted on your bike frame, (back or front) to carry all your stuff while enjoying your cycling. Bike pannier is no less than an expensive bike accessory, constructed for utility riding. Here are the benefits to extract out from a bike pannier:

Rigid Construction

  • Finally, not only Ambuja Cement is strong! Bike Panniers come up with the feature of rigid construction as well.
  • Firm stitching of bike panniers, allow them to carry even the heavy items.
Bike pannier

Separate Compartments

  • Bike pannier comes up with 3-4 compartments so that you don’t have to compromise with your favourite item.
  • It also provides safety to your fragile items like sunglasses, camera, smartphones, but sadly, not your feelings. Sorry.

Smart Safety

  • Bike panniers have waterproof compartments. So, enjoy rains with no fear!
  • The best option for your gadgets away from the water is the bike pannier.


  • If you are a cycling enthusiast, then you should let your shoulder free to carry the weight of your dreams. Let a bike pannier carry the weight of aunty’s grocery items.
  • Bike pannier provides you with ease to be free and to enjoy your ride.


  • Bike pannier is a one-time investment product and has great endurance.
  • It is going to be an integral part of your bike riding experience.

Great Carrier

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  • Bike pannier will ensure you are carrying all your vital items without any FOMO.
  • Bike panniers can carry great weight and more volume, easily.

Fashion Statement

  • Bike pannier can add worth to your outfit, as the world is revolving around Insta-fashion bloggers.
  • These come with various forms, you can be a cutie and sassy with different panniers.
Bike pannier

via carryology

So cycling with a cool pannier is going to make you a fashion enthusiast as well as a fitness freak!

So, be a Musafir and begin exploring the roads and inner self

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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