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“Ahaa! Biscuits Have Holes. But Whyyyyy?”

“Ahaa! Biscuits Have Holes. But Whyyyyy?”

Ritika Gupta
biscuits have holes

Biscuits have holes–ever noticed? But have you thought about why?

Be it 50-50 or Bourbon, cracker or cream, hole waale biscoot ke bina toh chai ho ya kaffee–incomplete hi lagti hai yaar. But why do these biscuits have holes in their crust?

1. One of the obvious reasons that biscuits have holes is for baking purposes and to make them flat, crispy and crunchy. 

biscuits have holes,biscuit maiking

2. The tiny holes on biscuits permits the steam to move out and prevents them from cracking.

3. The dough of the biscuit contains lots of air bubbles that grow when heated inside the oven for baking.

dough bake

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4. With the help of the machine the holes are made in the dough for several reasons: letting the air release smoothly as steam, letting the bubbles be reduced and the biscuit be baked properly.

the holes machine

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5. The prevention of bubbles also leads to flatness and crispiness of the biscuit.

  1. “Okay! Biscuits have holes for a valid reason, right. But, what about the positioning? How are the holes so evenly positioned?”
  • Closer the holes, drier and harder the biscuit will be.
  • If holes are far, the biscuit will crumble.
  • Thus, the number of holes must be “just right” for the desired taste and look.

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7. Other than the baking reason, there are several more reasons behind why holes in them (Packaging & Economical).


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8. Think of it this way: if you only have to make 10 biscuits, who cares about the wastage of dough due to the pricking holes. But if one has to manufacture lakhs of biscuits, the cost would be grand. Isn’t it?

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Butter biscuit

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9. Once every 100 biscuits would be pricked for holes, the dough for one new cracker would be collected. The company thus can have several free packets, leading to an increase in quantity.

biscuit, biscuits have holes

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10.One of the reason is creating a vacuum which helps in easy packaging.

Now you know, But, here’s what you still don’t know! Do you know that these holes in biscuits are called “Dockers”? Ye, there’s a term for that too.

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