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7 Bisexual Movies In India That Are A Must-Watch

7 Bisexual Movies In India That Are A Must-Watch


Gone are the days where queers were ridiculed and made fun of when represented on screen. Bisexual movies in India were largely dependant on cheap laughs or the stereotypical depiction of their sexual orientation.

We have seen less of how bisexuals are? What do their problems include; their complexion as a character? All these aspects haven’t led our society to be accepting and progressive. However, on the brighter side, we have golden exceptions. Thus, we can only hope the number of must-watch bisexuals movies in India grows with each passing year.

1) Margarita With a Straw (2014): This Indian movie is raw and honest in so many ways. A story about an Indian teenager living in London suffering from cerebral palsy. The film is an emotional, sensitive and ballsy take on the character’s exploration of her sexuality, self-esteem and disability. Laila, an Indian-origin teenager, falls in love with a Pakistani girl while being attracted to her classmate. Her sexuality and disability are depicted realistically and progressively–a must-watch bisexual movie for all Indians!

  • Duration- 2 hours 20 minutes
  • Genre- Drama/Romance
  • Directed by- Shonali Bose
  • IMDb Rating- 7.2/10
  • Available On Netflix India
Margarita With a Straw

2) Fire (1996): This film was blamed for hurting religious sentiments and stirred up many controversies on the verge of its release. Based on Ismat Chugtai’s 1942 short-story Lihaaf and directed by Deepa Mehta’s Fire is about two women residing and adjusting their lives in a loveless marriage. The protagonists include Nandita Das and Shabana Azmi, and how both the characters finally seek peace in each other.

  • Duration- 1 hour 48 Minutes
  • Genre- Drama/Romance
  • Directed by- Deepa Mehta
  • IMDb Rating- 7.2/10
  • Available On Hotstar India
Fire (1996)

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3) Aar Ekti Premer Gulpo (2010): Translated as “Just Another Love Story” is a film about a transgender documentary filmmaker and his bisexual DOP. Both the central characters decide to make a film but soon find themselves at a different tangent of life. This Bisexual movie is about trauma, setbacks and limitations every Trans and Bisexual goes through.

  • Duration- 2hours 8minutes
  • Genre- Drama/Romance
  • Directed by- Kaushik Ganguly and Rituparno Ghosh 
  • IMDb Rating- 6.8/10
  • Available On
Aar Ekti Premer Gulpo

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4) Heroine (2012): A plot revolving around a mainstream actress suffering from Bipolar Disorder has a lot to face and explore in the film. Not an out-and-out portrayal of bisexuality but a small and impactful one: Sahana, played by Promita, is a bisexual character and takes full-pride in that. The scene between Kareena and Promita makes it a must-watch movie for Bisexuals in India. 

  • Duration- 2 hours 30 Minutes
  • Genre- Drama
  • Directed by- Madhur Bhandarkar
  • IMDb Rating- 5.2/10
  • Available On Netflix India
Heroine (2012)

5) Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd (2007):  A film directed by Reema Kagti. This movie revolves around 6 newlywed couples and what hidden secrets & explorations they have to offer to the audience and themselves. The film smashes Homophobic culture and gives rise to acceptance for the LGBT+ community (considering the era in which it was released).

  • Duration- 1 hour 59 Minutes
  • Genre- Comedy/Romance 
  • Directed by- Reema Kagti
  • IMDb Rating- 6.1/10
  • Available On Amazon Prime
Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd (2007)

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6) Unfreedom (2014): The twin pillars of male sadism and female sexuality summarises the premise of the movie. The plot revolves around two unrelated kidnappings: one from Pakistan and another from India. The characters are not sympathetic but blunt and rebellious. Banned and shamed long ago, this movie can now be seen on the OTT Platform after quite a long time.

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  • Duration- 1 hour 43 Minutes
  • Genre- Drama/Romance
  • Directed by- Raj Amit Kumar
  • IMDb Rating- 5.1/10
  • Available On Netflix India
Unfreedom (2014)

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7) Loev (2015): Evident from the title itself, Loev is a complex and unusual love story. Two childhood friends decide to go on a trip and end up making love to each other. When the duo decides to go back to their original life, life takes a 360-degree turn. A Love story that doesn’t make you feel creepy or cringes is amongst the must-watch bisexual movies in India.

  • Duration- 1 hour 32 Minutes
  • Genre- Romance 
  • Directed by- Sudhanshu Saria
  • IMDb Rating- 5.8/10
  • Available On Netflix India
Loev (2015)

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If you are bi-phobic or exploring bisexuality, then the above list can be a great beginning!

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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