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Black Sabbath Ice Cream Is A Musical Dessert To Your Heart

Black Sabbath Ice Cream Is A Musical Dessert To Your Heart



Black Sabbath Ice Cream is musical ice cream and an intriguing flavour, indeed. For, be it summers or winters, black sabbath ice cream is here to turn your coldness into warmth, embracing you.



Black Sabbath Ice Cream Origin

      A fusion of two-three flavours of ice cream, Black Sabbath Ice Cream is found in Charmery, United States.

      Black Sabbath Ice Cream is inspired by the Godfather of Heavy Metal, “Ozzy Osbourne”.

      It is made with scoops of sesame and blueberry ice cream, giving you an ultimate taste fusion!



How Experiments Made A Unique Flavour Of Taste

      David Alima and his wife Laura decided to create a new flavour with Black Sesame and Manischewitz (known for its kosher wine) called Black Sabbath.

      The experiment of Combining Manischewitz with the ice cream came out with the perfect flavour. Fruits and sesame, when combined, give you the nuttiness and sweetness of the ice cream.



Mystery Behind The Name, “Black Sabbath Ice Cream”

      Black sabbath ice cream flavour is dedicated to the Black Sabbath, an English Rock Band formed in Birmingham in 1968.

      The group had guitarist Tony Iommi, drummer Bill Ward, bass Geezer Butler and vocalist Ozzy Osbourn.

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How Is It Served?

      Black sabbath ice cream is a crazy mixture of flavours but is served like any other ice cream flavour.

      During our research, we were able to find it in cones and cups.



If you are thinking about where to find this crazy flavour? One of the places we found was Wing Ice Cream in Honolulu, Hawaii, Chinatown. Let us know if you have ever been able to find this flavour anywhere in India, especially if you are a fan of heavy metal!

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