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Black Walnut Ice Cream: Happiness Ko Karo Unlock!

Black Walnut Ice Cream: Happiness Ko Karo Unlock!


“Khana vana sb apni jagah thik hai, par uske baad jo expensive si, Black Walnut Ice Cream jaise Dessert ki craving hoti hai naa…Nothing can beat that!”


And if you didn’t know about this flavour already, then you MUST keep reading:



1. The origin of the desire for making Black Walnut Ice Cream in Hong Kong is unknown. These are expensive due to their demand–thus, it is a luxurious flavour.


2. According to Chinese Herbal Medicines, Black Walnut is thought to build physical strength. The natural and unique taste of the black walnut is packaged by nature into each nut morsel.


3. The black walnut tree is an American tree that grows widely in North America.


4. The seedlings of Black Walnut are exported worldwide, including in China. The ice cream industry is specifically excited about this ingredient for the black walnut ice cream. This is as it compliments the flavour and texture.


5. Many consumers find this indulgent ingredient should first be savoured through its rich aroma in black walnut ice cream.


6. Ingredients in Black Walnut Ice Cream

      ½ cup superfine sugar

      2 cups light cream

      1 cup half-and-half cream

      ½ teaspoon black walnut extract

      ½ cup chopped black walnuts


7. Top Black Walnut Ice Cream Brands in India 2021


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       Baskin Robbins

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Do you know, the black walnut tree will take a minimum of 35 years to be cut? And that’s yet another reason for savouring black walnut ice cream!

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