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Blue Heaven Ice Cream: Heaven Can Be Both Colorful And Tasty

Blue Heaven Ice Cream: Heaven Can Be Both Colorful And Tasty


What comes to your mind when you read the words Blue Heaven Ice Cream? Well, yes. Blue Heaven is also a flavour that has made many people curious about its taste. Read on to know more about it.

1. Blue Heaven is a topping flavour, i.e., blue and whose taste is a blend of Vanilla and Raspberry.


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2. The Blue Heaven flavour is said to have originated in Australia and is also primarily sold in Australia.

Blue Heaven Ice-Cream

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3. The name of Blue Heaven flavour is said to have originated when the song My Blue Heaven was released in 1928.

4. Another theory claims that the flavour originated in the 1950s, after the movie My Blue Heaven starring Betty Grable, got released.

5. After its discovery, the blue heaven flavour was being used for milkshakes and cake toppings, etc.

6. The blue heaven syrup was blended in a Milkshake mixer with fresh milk and ice cream, and the Blue Heaven Ice Cream was the outcome.

7. Due to its unique taste and a perfect blend of Vanilla and Raspberry, the demand for the ice cream quickly increased outside Australia as well.

8. Despite being so popular and in demand, this one still cannot be almost anywhere in India. (If you ever find one, do update us!)

Ice Cream

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9. Although the authentic taste of this ice cream has not reached India, the recipes somehow did. At least we can get a hint of how the heavenly blue heaven tastes.

Ice Cream Cone

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Well, who would’ve ever thought of assigning a colour to heaven itself, right? But now that someone took the plunge, we hope that our taste buds soon get to verify the claim of Blue Heaven Ice Cream being heavenly.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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