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Blue Light Blocking Glasses Is What 24×7 Screen Viewers Need

Blue Light Blocking Glasses Is What 24×7 Screen Viewers Need



Nowadays, the biggest enemies of the eyes are screens. All internet providing gadgets or digital screens release blue light. This is harmful to the eyes and cause peepers strain, dry, watery or irritated eyes.

“But jahaan samasya, insaan have a solution!” One idea to beat the other: Blue Light Blocking Glasses!



1. Why do we need Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Excessive screen time to blue light causes vision-related problems such as eye strain, headache, dry eyes and insomnia. For healthy vision, your eye needs a BLUE shield of protection. This ensures visual clarity and relief from eye strain.



2. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Blue Light Blocking Glasses are specially crafted lenses that filter or block the dangerous blue light release from the digital screens. Blue light blocking glasses help to prevent potential damage to Retina, thus protecting your eyes from blue light.



3. History of Blue Light Blocking Glasses

In 1986, “BluBlockers” was invented from the space program. Astronauts needed eye protection from ultraviolet light and blue light rays outside space.



4. How Clear Lenses protect from Blue Light

Clear Lenses can block up to 40% of Blue Light. These can be used during the daytime while doing small office work.



5. How Yellow Lenses protect from Blue Light

Yellow Lenses can block up to 75% of Blue Light. These block twice the harmful lights from digital screens.



6. How Orange Lenses protect from Blue Light

First-ever Blue Light Blocking Glasses were invented as Orange Lenses for NASA. These can block up to 99% Blue Light.


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7. When to wear Blue Light Blocking Lens

If you are a gamer and gaming on an average base of 7 to 8 hours a day. Then you must buy one pair of blue light blocking glasses.

If you’re a phone addict, you should buy 1 for sure. The blue light from smartphones damages your eyes a lot.



If you’re a coder and spent 10 to 12 hours a day programming, then you should definitely buy one for your precious eyes.



Keep your eyes safe. Don’t get addicted to digital screens, which can cause your eyes to become weak. Wash your eyes frequently because “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”



Humari hai ye aapse guzaarish ki dhyaan rakhe apni aankho ka, kyon ki, “Pushpa, we hate tears…”

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