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Blue Moon Ice Cream Is Made With Frozen-Blue Mystery

Blue Moon Ice Cream Is Made With Frozen-Blue Mystery


Blue Moon Ice cream is that single dessert jo ek baar table pe agaya, toh roke na ruke naina…


The quest to find out the secret ingredient used to make this heavenly ‘Blue Moon’. Let us break into the world of Blue Moon Ice Cream and try our part to unravel this edible mystery.

 1.Blue moon ice cream flavour originated in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It is presently available in the Upper Midwest of the United States. 

Blue Moon Ice Cream

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2. There is a story about the conception of the idea about the blue moon flavour. Bill Sidon is the one who did invent the secret formula. He afterwards became the chief flavour chemist in the 1950s at Milwaukee Petran Products. The original blue moon recipe is patented under the name of Petran.


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3. The Ice cream is advertised, stating that it tastes like fruity cereal. Blue Moon Ice Cream is one of the flavours that make Superman Ice Cream. Superman Ice Cream is also a very famous Midwestern flavour.

Superman Ice Cream

4. Blue Moon has been described as Smurf-Blue, Marshmallow-Sweet by the Chicago Tribune. Many people also confuse Blue moon ice cream with blue smurf ice cream. But they have a difference: smurfs have marshmallows to represent the characters white hats.


5. The flavour and taste of Blue Moon Ice Cream flavour have been analysed by many people. Some say that it tastes like citrus, while others say that it has almond extract. Many others suggest Marshmallow as the main ingredient. One of the original primary ingredients of the blue moon is the beaver musk additive known as castoreum (ye, we did that ugh-expression too).

Blue Moon Ice Cream

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6. Internationally some other similar flavours like the blue moon are sold. Flavour named Puffo is sold in Italy and Malta (Puffo means smurf in Italian). In Germany, Schlumpf and Engelblau flavours are available. In Poland, it is called Smerfowe (smurf-like) and is bubble wrapped.

Blue Moon Ice Cream

7. There are varieties of blue moon ice creams served by different shops, and everybody claims to have a secret ingredient. Each of these variations, though, varies in colour and flavour as well.


8. This ice cream is served mainly in the Upper Midwest, Milwaukee (Wisconsin in particular–yup, where it originated).

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9. It is difficult to find Blue moon in other parts of the US. But, this flavour is served by Kilwins in various states.


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It might not be wrong to say–all the secrecy about the ingredient does add to the mystique of the BLUE MOON, right?


By the way, it is pretty tough to get this flavour in India, but you can always try asking Google Baba! You might find buckets on e-commerce & grocery sites.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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