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History Of Boats To Read As You Sail Along With The Tides

History Of Boats To Read As You Sail Along With The Tides


Discover the history of boats as you ride the tide!

1. Boats are watercraft of a wide range of types and sizes, but usually smaller than a ship.


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2. The oldest recognized boat in the world is the 3-meter long Pesse canoe built around 8,000 BCE.

3.  The first sea-worthy boats were made long before that, about 800,000 years ago, not by Man but by his ancestor Homo Erectus, a smart naked ape.

4. Bamboo rafts, a small change from the Homo Erectus model, are still used widely in Asia.

Bamboo rafts

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5. Lake Titicaca’s reed boats are one of Bolivia’s most notable attractions. They were used in areas where wood was infrequent, like Egypt and Iraq, before efficient wood-working tools were developed.

6. A dugout canoe is a boat built from a hollowed tree, still used in many parts of the world, including Venezuela, Melanesia and Dominica.

dugout canoe

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7. The next innovative floating-rides were Coracles and Kayaks. These were putting a watertight skin over a rigid frame. Before the Pesse canoe, such boats were made and used in 9,500 BCE.

8. The Brendan is a 36-foot and two-masted boat. It was built in the fashion of Irish ash and oak.

The Brendan

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9. A lifeboat is a double-ended rowing boat carried aboard the ship for saving purposes. These boats now are almost universally made of iron, and some are equipped with diesel or gasoline engines.

Life boats

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Thus, that was the journey of boats, and we hope the next time you ride in a boat, you flaunt all that you have learnt about boats with your fellow passengers!

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