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Bollywood Movie Scenes That Mesmerized Us With Different Shades Of Emotions

Bollywood Movie Scenes That Mesmerized Us With Different Shades Of Emotions



From Tera Yaar Hoon Main to the climax of Chak De! India, Bollywood movie scenes never fail to take their audience on an emotional roller coaster that leaves them with a memory. Here are some of the ‘iconic’ scenes from Bollywood movies that caught our through their brilliance:


1. Raanjhanaa

There are many hard-hitting Bollywood movie scenes from this movie. Nonetheless, when Kundan’s father keeps eating his food cluelessly while breaking into tears at the news of his son’s death–it has made even the bravest break. It is as if his whole body, except for his heart, was abiding by his past decision. The decision to cut all ties with Kundan.


2. Masaan

“Aur baap? Hum nahi fit hote na kahin?”

Having kept his stronger side up for the most part, Pathak Ji asks this question, bursting into tears after Devi tells him about her plans of moving to Allahabad. The scene speaks volumes about the helplessness of a father who knows that loneliness is in sight but doesn’t want to be a threat to his daughter’s freedom.


3. URI

“Itni thandi war cry? War cry jab chillate hain na, to jawano ka josh se khoon khaul jana chahiye,” Vihaan had once casually said to his niece.

One of the most emotional Bollywood movie scenes is when Vihaan’s niece yells out the war cry like a lioness while paying last respects to her martyred father. Ah! It indeed creates a surge of patriotism and sacrifice in the veins of the soldiers standing there. But, as the loud chants of Balidan Param Dharma echo through the air, it is Vihaan this time who gets emotionally choked up and fails to complete the war cry.


4. Badlapur

In the silence of the dusk, Raghu performs a slow ball dance with his loneliness in the room that has nothing but memories of his beloved wife and son. The audience felt his melancholic hangover while he (the character) silently reminisced to himself about the good old times. This one is amidst the heartbreaking Bollywood movie scenes that will stay in the hearts of many of its viewers.


5. Dangal

When Geeta defeated his father after arguing about whose technique was better, Mahavir Phogat’s self-confidence took a hit, and he went silent. Sitting beside his younger daughter, he looks up for a moment at his wife, the one who had seen most of his vulnerabilities. Both of them look briefly at each other as if his wife is telling him that she understands his emotions, and Mahavir lowers his head again.


6. Airlift

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The music slowly gets louder, all the background noises fading out, Ranjeet walking to the airport’s front, and as the drum beats, the perfect moment arrives. Here begins another of the emotional Bollywood movie scenes. All eyes turn to the Pride of India, the Tricolor rising to the top of the Queen Alia International Airport. Perfectly complemented by the song Tu Bhoola Jise in KK’s evergreen voice, the scene gives goosebumps to the audience every single time.


7. Taare Zameen Par

Ram Shankar Nikumbh had expressed his care and concern for Ishaan on numerous occasions. He was never able to express his affection for the teacher who became his friend. While the entire crowd claps for Ishaan as he receives the award, Ishaan turns around in jiffy, running up to Nikumbh. He hugs him with all sorts of emotions flowing down through his eyes. The hug was like his fondest gratitude to the man who gave a new direction to his life and made him believe in himself again.


8. Rockstar

“Mera dil nahi toota chahiye Khatana Bhai, mere paas aur kuch nahi hai.”

Although this whole movie is filled with remarkable Bollywood movie scenes, this one wholly hits inside-out many! Jordan falls weak at the news of Heer’s critical condition. Out of helplessness, he blurts out his subtle cry for help to Khatana Bhai, the man who has been his pillar through the thick and thin.


These were some of the many legendary moments of the big-screen we lived along with its characters. Which of the iconic Bollywood movie scenes has remained your favourite? Mention in the comments below!

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