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Bonsai: An Artificial Looking Natural Plant!

Bonsai: An Artificial Looking Natural Plant!


Bonsai fits the thought: ‘Choti si khushiyan, Badi si muskaan’. But, like a baby, Bonsai takes a lot of mehnat and mazdoori to grow. Even your crush can reply to your text, maggie can be eaten with the sauce, but it is more stubborn than them. Know more about this ziddi dwarf tree below:

  1. Bonsai Matlab?
  • Bonsai is an adaptation of traditional Chinese Penjing Art (focused on recreating the natural sceneries in a pot).
  • It is all about producing small trees that resemble the shape of real-life trees.
  • It needs proper source material, cutting and seedling. It is a long term development and scientific process that should not be confused with dwarfing or artificial.

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  1. Bonsai Styles

Bonsai is giving us real tough competition when it comes to picking up clothes or hairstyles. Bonsai styling is not bacho ka khel! You need to be a real good Khiladi as it has so many types-

  • Formal Upright
  • Informal Upright
  • Slant 
  • Cascade
  • Shari
  • Raft
  • Multi trunk
natural sceneries in a pot

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  1. High Resources 

Bonsai needs a perfect specimen of resource material to be grown in the desired form. It is like your baby, so your parenting skills are going to be judged. Bonsai included these sources-

  • Cuttings and layering for the propagation of source tree
  • Nursery stock
  • Commercial bonsai grower

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  1. Taking Care of Bonsai

If you are looking for a long term relationship with your plant, better be ready to put all your efforts and attention. These plants require specialised care techniques-

  • Regular Watering 
  • Repotting 
  • Soil composition and fertilisation 
  • Specialised tools
Taking Care of Bonsai

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  1. Bonsai Ninja Technique

‘Bonsai ko badhane ki ninja technique!’ There are different techniques to be followed while looking after bonsai cultivation. But, every specimen has its own exclusive methods. So, choose the right one for your plant.

  • Leaf trimming 
  • Pruning 
  • Wiring 
  • Clamping 
  • Grafting 
  • Defoliation 
  • Jin and Shari
  1. Bonsai Size Ka Khel

Bonsai techniques have their own different sizes. Sometimes photographs are not able to inform the buyer about its exact size. Thus, there is a proper classification based on their sizes. Usually, the size of Bonsai is denoted through the Japanese technique to name the trees as ‘two handed’, ‘four handed’, based on the number of men required to move the pot. Here is the classification of Bonsai in three categories-

  • Large Bonsai: Imperial (Largest one, named after Imperial Palace, Japan), Dai, Omono
  • Medium Bonsai: Chiu, Chumono, Katade-mochi
  • Miniature Bonsai: Komono, Shohin, Mame, Shito
  1. Bonsai Aesthetic 

You can make your Bonsai look aesthetic through some Japanese techniques that give your plant a nice makeover.

  • Study their fashion ka jalwa, and be careful that you do not turn into a big fashion failure!
  • Bonsai aesthetics can act as intriguing home decor.
  • You can also give them away to your favourite person with good vibes!

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  1. Full Gyan Baazi:
  • 1.3 million dollars spent to buy the world’s most expensive Bonsai.
  • Bonsai is the main form of Zen Buddhism.
  • Prajakta Kale holds the World’s Greatest Bonsai Collection.
  • In India, Bonsai art is also known as Vaman Vriksha Kala.

Gift yourself a Bonsai and stop waiting for a reply from your crush! Kyunkii logo ka pata nahi, ye, tumhara balak, sath toh rahega.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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