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Born A Crime: Made With Crime, Nurtured With Love, Developed From Laughs

Born A Crime: Made With Crime, Nurtured With Love, Developed From Laughs


An autobiographical comedy, Trevor Noah’s Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Kid, was published in 2016 and became a heart-warming fun read for many readers.                                  Today, we will try to convince you to buy this New York Times Bestseller, (if you haven’t already) by scribbling for you the gist of this epic of a novel, Born a Crime.

  1. Born a Crime will motivate you to make extraordinary things happen, no matter what conditions you’re born into, as steadily it will reveal the story of how Trevor Noah grew up as a child of mixed race in South Africa.

2. The story revolves around the period of segregation in South Africa, which opposed interracial sex. This meant, jurisdictions imprisoned men and women who broke this rule.                                                                      They were allowed to peek inside the houses to make sure no such skoodilypooping (John Green’s term for love-making) was being made behind closed doors! 

3. In 1984, Noah was born in this world.

4. His father was a Dutch descendent, white man and his mother, named Patricia, was a Xhosa tribe black woman. Yeah, sadly, they committed a crime.                                                                                                          You might be thinking, “Then what? And what about Noah?”                   Well, what, what? His parents stayed away.

5. So, Noah spent most of his childhood alone. Despite growing up in poverty, his mother was eager to make him live a better life. She taught him English and a few other languages.                                                          Here begins the story of a woman who taught her son to be tough, curious, and an independent thinker. She planted the seeds of aspirations in him, encouraging him to have dreams and ambitions.

  1. Once, she tells Noah that they had to board the bus to church because their car wouldn’t work. The situation was notably critical as the turf wars were being fought over the routes.
  1. Patricia, later met a charismatic mechanic, Abel. After some time they decided to marry. Trevor didn’t trust the man, but there was little he could do about the matter at the age of 6 or 7.
  1. Noah’s stepfather underwent serious economic problems when his car repairing business collapsed. He began to be abusive to Patricia, Trevor, and their pets.
  1. Alongside and despite this, the boy developed and improved his comedic skills. He moved around to every club. He noticed that he was always welcomed inside, as long as he cracked some good jokes.

    Other business endeavours included- selling CDs and being the DJ for parties.

10. Once, in his mid-20s, Trevor was shaken to receive a phone call, only to learn that Abel shot his mother. Miraculously, Patricia sustained minor injuries, and the incident reaffirmed the profound love between mother and son.

11. At the age of 24, his mother encouraged him to seek out his estranged father, Robert. Trevor tracked down Robert and began to rebuild a relationship with him.

Our respect for not just Trevor Noah, but his mother especially, even after knowing the novel is comical life-writing, has raised a lot. The woman is an inspiring figure, who worked hard to take care of him through a troubling time, and made Noah, who he is today!                                                             The book was listed amongst the most enjoyable reads of the year by Newsday, the New York TimesBooklist, NPREsquire, and NPR. 

Heck! In 2017, one of the clues in the New York Times Crossword Puzzle was the title of his book!                                                                                              And do you know what next big thing we await?

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