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Bring your magnifying glasses! Let’s zoom-in to grasp what Botany!

Bring your magnifying glasses! Let’s zoom-in to grasp what Botany!


Botany might seem like the subject for trained brains, but that’s where our enthusiastic team of knowledge seekers strives to make the most complex of discourses, simple for you. 

So, bring your magnifying glasses! Let’s zoom-in to grasp, What is Botany?

1. Botany or phytology is commonly known as the study or science of plants.


2. The term was derived from the Greek word βοτάνη (botanē) which means grass, fodder, and pasture.


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3. The subject is more than merely “plants,” as it includes the study of fungi, microbes, and algae as well.

4. The person who excels in this field becomes the “Badshah of Botany”— specialized and named, a Botanist.


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5. The Greek philosopher, Aristotle, is known as Paa (Father) of Biology.


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6. Aristotle’s successor, Theophrastus, is known as the Paa (Father) of Botany.

Botany plants

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7. This subject not only deals with the structure and importance of plants, but it also tells about their evolution, classification, and ecology.

8. The complexity of this subject is the reason behind its further division into branches, namely,

  • mycology, the study of algae
  • and phycology, the study of fungi.

Last, but obviously not the end of this subject–

mycology, the study of algae

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Do you know the term for the place where plants get dried, pressed, and pasted on sheets?

The place is called–Herbarium.

Also, those sheets are catalogued according to a universally acceptable manner. These are even available for people from all walks of life to see!

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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