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Box Chocolate Brands To Discover &Gift To Your Loved Ones!

Box Chocolate Brands To Discover &Gift To Your Loved Ones!

Ritika Gupta
Box Chocolate Brands

Here is a list of Box Chocolate Brands that you must buy!

The movie Forrest Gump has probably taught us right that “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

Make it a reality by gifting a box of chocolates by the best Box Chocolate Brands of the world!

  1. GODIVA Belgium
  • The festival specials by GODIVA are adorned with themed packaging and unique chocolate flavours, shapes and shapes.
  • The Range of Chocolate Gift Box by this classic Chocolatier begins from $12.
  • The Old is always Gold! Try the Classic Gold Ballotin Boxes by GODIVA.
GODIVA Belgium

2. Royce’ Chocolate

  • Today, a beloved luxurious Chocolate Brand in India, Royce’ Chocolates was founded in Hokkaido, Japan in 1983.
  • The Range of Royce’ Chocolate Boxes begins from $5 (INR 375).
  • Royce’ Royal Gift Box has 44 mouth-watering chocolate-pieces, including Pure Chocolate, Aroma Chocolate, Nutty Bar and Chocolate Wafers.
Royce’ Chocolate

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3.  Michel Cluizel Chocolates

  • Michel Cluizel has been in the competitive arena since the middle 1900s. The brand has been discovered, built and made by the couple, Marc Cruizel and Marcella.
  • The minimum range of Cluizel Chocolate Gift Box begins from $10.
  • The Chocolate Box of 8 Dark & Milk Chocolates is one of the most bought sweet gifts by Michel Cluizel.
Michel Cluizel Chocolates

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4. La Maison du Chocolat

  • La Maison du Chocolat is a brand of Paris that is famous for its truffles and also pralines. Nicolas Cloiseau is one of the prime designers of Maison Du Chocolat, who works on the exceptional signature taste of the brand’s creations.
  • The Range of La Maison Chocolate Gift Box begins from 29 € ($34.43).
  • One of the most elegant boxes you can pick by this Brand is the Maison du Chocolat Champeta Gift Box.
La Maison du Chocolat

5. Neuhaus Belgium

    • Another classic chocolatier brand claims to make their praline chocolates with the “finest ingredients of natural origin”.
    • The minimum range of Neuhaus Belgium Chocolate Gift Box begins from 12.50 € ($10).
    • Neuhaus Collection Irrésistibles is one of the most cherished Box of Chocolates. It was first made for the World Expo in Brussels 1958.
Neuhaus Belgium

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6. Vosges Haut-Chocolat

    • Katrina Markoff is the founder of Vosges. The company focuses on differentiated ways of processing cocoa, to make their chocolate more natural in taste and other health properties.
    • The Range of Vosges Haut-Chocolat Gift Boxes begins from $7.
    • One of the distinctive Chocolate Gift Boxes by the Vosges is Mini Exotic Chocolate Bar Library.
Vosges Haut-Chocolat

7. Jacques Torres (Mr Chocolate)

    • Better known as Mr Chocolate, the chocolates by Jacques Torres are made with no artificial flavours or preservatives.
    • The Range Assorted Caramels Clean Boxes by Jacques Torres begins from $12, which is also the minimum price range of Chocolate Gift Boxes by Mr Chocolate.
    • Sampler Hat Box by Jacques Torres is a unique basket of the man’s signature chocolates.
Jacques Torres (Mr Chocolate)

8. Lindt Maître Chocolatier Suisse Depuis

  • A brand whose Truffles are loved by the people of the world, you must experience the flavours of Lindt at least once in your lifetime!
  • The Range of Chocolate Gift Box of this yet another classic Chocolatier begins from $10.
  • One of the most-bought and reviewed Chocolate Gift Box by the online buyers of this Brand is Lindt Assorted Chocolate Gourmet Truffles, Gift Box, Kosher.
Lindt Maître Chocolatier Suisse Depuis

 9. Recchiuti Confections

  • Began in 1997, Recchiuti Confections has remained an exquisite brand since its inception.
  • The Range of Royce’ Chocolate Boxes begins from $5 (INR 375).
  • One of the most popular choices is the Black Box by Recchiuti Confections containing 16 handmade delicacies made in San Francisco.

How many of these Box Chocolate Brands have you already tasted?

Blog Editor: Ritika Gupta

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