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Braking System In Vehicles: Brake Lagaye, Anhoni Bachaye

Braking System In Vehicles: Brake Lagaye, Anhoni Bachaye



A braking system is a mechanical device that helps in accelerating or decelerating the speed of the system. Braking consists of a combination of interacting parts that work to slow a motor vehicle.



1. Most brakes use friction on the two sides of the wheel. The collective press on the wheel converts the kinetic energy of the moving object into heat.


2. Hydraulic Braking System runs on brake fluid, cylinders, and friction, creating pressure within glycol ethers (or diethylene glycol), forcing the brake pad to stop the wheels from moving.


3. Electromagnetic Braking System is found in many modern and hybrid vehicles. It uses the principle of electromagnetism for frictionless braking.


4. Servo Braking System is also called Vacuum or Vacuum-assisted Braking. In it, the brake depends on the pressure applied to the pedal by the driver.


5. The Mechanical Braking System manages the hand brake or emergency brake. Ghaddi ki gati ko dheeme rakhe ye system.



      DISC BRAKE is a mechanism to slow/stop the rotation of a wheel from its motion. It is attached to the wheel or the axle to stop the wheel. Friction material (in brake pads form) is forced against both sides of the disc.

      DRUM BRAKE is a traditional break in which the friction is by a set of shoes or pads that press against a rotating drum-shaped part called a brake drum.


7. For vehicle safety, the quality of your car’s braking system plays an important role.


8. The friction of your tires against the road is what slows down and stops your car. The brakes are responsible for pausing the spinning of wheels.


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9. To better understand typical brake pad wear, the “auto repair experts” and speed plays a factor too!



Without working brakes, your transport will not be able to stop in time. It can cause anything from a fender bender to an accident, neither of which is worth the risk.



Thus, maintaining is of prime importance. Regular brake maintenance helps ensure that your brakes engage every time you press on the brake pedal.



“Durghatna ki stithi khud ko bachaye, kit-kat break leke hi sahi, Brake ki jaanch-partaal zaroor kraaye!”

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