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Bridges: The Physical Connectors Of The World!

Bridges: The Physical Connectors Of The World!


There’s a lot more to the History of Bridges than we can ever portray in a “list-like-blog”. Nonetheless, we will still try to cover all the essential essence of that “more” in this blog:

1. The oldest bridge ever to be designed was the clapper bridge from the 2nd millennium BC.

The oldest bridge

2. The curiosity of human beings soon resulted in the creation of a bridge known as Pons Fabricius in 62 BC. This was also the first arch stone bridge.

Pons Fabricius

via wikimedia

3. Greeks realised the potential of arches to handle weight which has been substantially visible in their architecture as well.


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4. The strength of arches is well-evident in a still surviving bridge Ponte di Augusto, built between 63 BC-14 AD in Rome.

Ponte di Augusto

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5. Bridges have been a point of triumph as well for Americans during the Civil War. The Wheeling Bridge in Ohio was the reason behind their victory.

6. Not only wars but Bridges had a key role for romance as well. The Saanen Bridge in Switzerland has awakened Raj and Simran in plenty of couples.


via tming

7. Sustainable development truly creates wonders. One such wonderment is the Double-decker Root Bridge of Cherrapunji. Yes! You thought it right! This bridge is made out of living tree roots!

8. Other than these, there are several more types of bridges, like, Beam Bridge, Truss Bridge and Cantilever Bridge.

Types of bridges

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9. The longest sea-crossing bridge in the world spans between 2 countries: China and Hong-Kong. What’s more astonishing is that this bridge is both, over and under the water!

10. Astonishingly, the highest bridge in the world-the Duge Beipanjiang Bridge-is also in China. Seems like the land of walls is also the land of Bridges!

11. For many Indians, the first-ever bridge has always been the Ram Setu.

Apart from the mythological significance, mystery and definitions behind it, the Ram Setu always leaves us in astonishment and curiosity as it still exists today!


People around the globe, including scientists, remain in awe of this wonder!

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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