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Story Of Cadbury From A Small Business To World’s Loved Confectionery

Story Of Cadbury From A Small Business To World’s Loved Confectionery

Ritika Gupta

Cadbury was first imported and sold in India during 1948. But have you ever wondered how Cadbury became the second-largest confectionery brand (after Mars) of the world?

1. A Quaker, John Cadbury, in 1824 opened a Grocer’s Shop at 93 Bull Street in Birmingham. He used to make and sell cocoa and drinking chocolate that he used to prepare with Pestle and Mortar. These were considered healthier than alcohol.

John Cadbury

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2.Manufacturing business was started in 1831 by John, who decided to do commercial-scale production. For the same, he bought a 4-storey warehouse, somewhere near Crooked Lane.

Manufacturing business Factory

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3. By 1842, he was already selling 16 drinking chocolate varieties and 11 different cocoas in the form of pressed cakes or powder forms!

4. The titles given to the products were intriguing (like Churchman’s Chocolates and Fine Brown Chocolate). The Cocoas were titled something like Iceland Moss and Homeopathic.

5. In 1847, the Business moved to Bridge Street in Central Birmingham. In this Factory, the Private Canal Spur was attached. This canal linked it with the Birmingham Navigation Canal, which further connected it with all the primary ports in Britain.

6. John Cadbury retired in 1861 due to his depriving health. The business was handed over to his sons, Richard Cadbury (25-years-old) and George Cadbury (21-years-old).

7. Brother Richard used to handle the sales and marketing department. Brother George used to manage production and buying.

8. The brothers invested the saved amount from their mother into the business. The amount was equal to 600,000 pounds today. Nonetheless, success took time.

Cadbury World

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9. It was not until 1866 that Richard heard about an innovative cocoa press by Coeraad Johannes van Houten. The machine helped in making the chocolates free of starches as all the extra cocoa butter was squeezed out from beans.

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Cadbury's old Poster

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10. This led to the launch of the UK’s first unadulterated Cocoa. The new processing process led to the production and marketing of the Cadbury Cocoa Essence, which became a huge success. Cocoa Essence was advertised as “Absolutely Pure. Therefore Best” alongside Medical Testimonials. Marketing helped Cadbury to take its business worldwide.

Cadbury Cocoa Essence

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11. The machine was for mass production. Cadbury Bros. just gave it a chance, when other competitors did not!

Cadbury Dairy Milk

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Do you know, the first-ever chocolate Bar is believed to be produced by the Bristol Company Fry & Sons with the name Chocolate Delicieux a Manger? Interesting, right?

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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