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Cadbury Products That We Cannot Live Without!

Cadbury Products That We Cannot Live Without!


Ever thought about some of the most-loved Cadbury Products that we cannot live without? Thinking, why are we talking about it? Kyunki, ye Desi Chal Chitra hai, ye humare blogs hai aur ye humari Cadbury-party ho ri hai!

Gifting a box of Cadbury Products to friends is the best way to express your emotions to them. Just like true love, it says everything without saying anything.

  1. Cadbury Bournvita

Bachpan me chori chori bournvita khane me bhi alag hi maza tha.

And one experienced heavens when we used to find it inside our almirah and no one at home! #Nostalgia.

  • Bournvita is a healthy chocolate drink.
  • Bournvita was first sold in India in 1948.
  • It is available near your grocery store.
  • It costs around ₹ 376.00 per/kg.
  • It helps to develop the brain, muscles and bones in kids.
  1. Cadbury Gems

Gems surprise balls packs are the best surprise packs with exclusive gifts inside them.

  • Cadbury gems are like gems to us. Button-shaped little candies with chocolate inside.
  • First gems were sold in India in 1968.
  • Cadbury gems are available online or in a grocery store near you.
  • Gems come in different packs and can cost from ₹5 to ₹40.
  • Gems are also used in many cakes and shake toppings.
  1. Cadbury Celebrations Packs

One of the greatest inventions of all time to save Money during Raksha Bandhan is the pack of Cadbury Celebrations, L-O-L.

  • Celebrations packs contain the stash of different Cadbury products.
  • Cadbury Celebrations Packs first came into the market in 1992. Cadbury launched their Celebrations packs to replace dry fruits gift packs for gifting purposes.
  • Available near your grocery stores or can be ordered online.
  • It can cost around ₹60-950 according to your preferences. Your order customized gift packs from Cadbury sites.
  1. Cadbury Perk

Good in taste and cheap in price makes it a Masti ka Daily dose. 

  • Perks are crispy wafers with chocolate layering inside the wafer.
  • Perk was first introduced in India in 1996.
  • Available in every store near you. The chocolate comes inside and in gift packs as well.
  • Cadbury Perk also comes at the cost of ₹5.
  1. Cadbury Oreo

People are like Oreos. All the good stuff is inside!

  • Oreos are sandwich biscuits with different flavours of cream inside it.
  • The first time Oreo was introduced to the Indian market was in 2011.
  • Oreos are available in your nearby grocery store.
  • The price of these yummy treats ranges between ₹10 to ₹595.
  1. Cadbury Bournville

Eating Dark Chocolate may reduce the risk of heart diseases and also works as an antioxidant.

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  • Bournville is one of the dark chocolates produced by Cadbury. 
  • It was introduced in India in 2009.
  • Bournville might be a bit hard to find in your neighbourhood, but it is available online.
  • It can cost around ₹90 to ₹100.
  1. Cadbury Fuse

Around 40-million Fuse Chocolates were sold in the first week of release! Later, it was discontinued in 2006. The product made a comeback recently in 2015.

  • Newly launched Chocobar filled with Peanuts and caramel inside.
  • Cadbury Fuse came into the market in 2016.
  •  Available in every grocery store near you. 
  • Fuse cost ₹20.

Never let your love for chocolate die! Be it Dark Chocolate or Milk Chocolate, every chocolate has its emotional connection with us.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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