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Camping Chair Types For Rock Isn’t The Only Option For Sitting

Camping Chair Types For Rock Isn’t The Only Option For Sitting

camping chair types

Are you also checking on camping chair types that suit you well for your upcoming plan? Although there is no particular type of camping chair, we have tried being a chair-separatist and accumulated a list of the camping chair types to help you decide better. Hopefully, you will find the one for your next camping trip.

1. Backpack Cooler Chairs: They can make the shortest ever episode of ‘What’s in my bag?’ since these chairs are like backpacks that unfold to become chairs. These portable chairs have soft coolers on their side or back so that your food can be kept cold for hours.

camping chair types

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2. Big & Tall Camping Chairs: These camping chair types are for the folks who can pick the jar from the top shelf without raising their toes, the ones blessed with a few more inches…of height. Big and tall camping chairs are comparatively heavier and less portable than regular camping chairs but a good bet for some much-needed legroom.

3. Double (Loveseat) Camping Chairs: Loveseat is like a 2-seater camping chair. Apart from being the first choice of Jai-Veeru, this chair might be more suitable for couples. Maybe Faizal Khan would’ve ordered one for him and Mohsina as well, only with her permission.


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4. Camping Chairs with Canopies: Holding an umbrella for hours can be a daunting task unless you are a Varishtha Yuva Patrakar from Toofan Express. Therefore, some camping chairs are equipped with canopies so that the UV rays or rain wouldn’t alter your camping plans.

Chairs with Canopies

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5. Camping Chair With Lumbar Support: This camping chair type is specially built for the customers of Moov Gel. These comparatively expensive chairs are well suited for someone with chronic back pain. Not sure if this will match up to the comfort of a Ghar ka pillow on your chair or surpass it.

expensive chairs

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6. Kid-Sized Camping Chairs: Take any random camping chair, ask Doraemon for a favour and use his small light, and you have a kid-sized camping chair ready at your disposal. Their features are the same as the regular-sized camping chairs, but they are more suited for the kids in terms of size.

Kid-Sized Camping Chair

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7. Hanging Chairs: Hanging chairs need solid support, like a tree branch on which they can be hung. Just find a perfect spot, and you can enjoy the comfort of swinging while laying back in your chair.

8. Swiveling Camping Chairs: Swivel chairs have crossed the Lakshman Rekha of corporate offices and entered the camping scene. They are generally not very expensive and are a boon to people like us who can’t even get up to pick the TV remote without contemplating nearly 15 times.

camping scene

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9. Ultra-Light Camping Chairs: Ultralight camping chairs are very lightweight and easy to carry. But you wouldn’t be able to sit on them for very long since they are not very comfortable to sit on. Don’t even think of watching an Ashutosh Gowariker movie, sitting on an ultra-light camping chair.

Now that you’ve gone through the list of camping chair types: sit and think about which one would suit you the best to sit on.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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