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Can a person own a firearm in India?

Can a person own a firearm in India?

can a person own a firearm in India

Can a person own a firearm in India? If you are thinking about it, then you have reached the right place!

During British rule, Indians were ruled by stringent legislation, including the Indian Weapons Act of 1878, which banned Indians from carrying firearms. Now, after hundred years of its Independence, can a person own a firearm in India?

Arms Right In India

  • The Arms Act of 1959 governs the rights to carry a firearm in India through the consolidation, regulation and modification of arms and munitions legislation.
  • Under this right, a fire armament is only permitted to an individual who has issued a licence through a process complying with the Act’s provisions. 
  • Civilians can also get Non-Prohibited Bore (NPB) Arms if they own an Indian Firearms Licence.
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Method Of Applying For Indian Firearms Licence

  • Applicants must be over 21 years old, have a sound mind, and a valid reason to have a weapon.
  • You can receive the application form from the District Police Superintendent (DSP) of a given state.

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  • Once the application is submitted, a background search of the applicant is conducted by the police. This is done to ensure that the claimant has no criminal records.
  • Police may also visit the applicant’s home to evaluate the condition and engage with their neighbours to be sure about the intentions of the applicant.
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  • The DCP himself will interview the applicant once the files are submitted to the Police Directorate and the National Crime-record Office.
  • Each applicant must complete a security training program after the licence is approved. Here, one is taught how to manage weapons correctly.
  • In the absence of constitutional law or a fundamental right in India, the DCP has the power to approve/refuse the application to receive the permit.
  • The license shall only be effective in the State where the application has been filed. It’ll only be valid for a three-year term and extended immediately afterwards.
can a person own a firearm in India

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India is one of the strictest arms law countries in the world. Questioning, can a person own a firearm in India, several activists have demanded to imitate America’s footsteps. They have asked to be more cautious about the rules. However, the Control Arms Foundation of India has argued that quick access to arms for civilians can mean the failure of the State to provide the necessary protection.

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