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Chocolate Moulds Bole Toh Chocolate का तालाब

Chocolate Moulds Bole Toh Chocolate का तालाब


Candy and chocolate moulds are container-like structures that hold the molten-chocolate, giving us chocolates of different shapes.

Toh aaiye jaante hai ek aisi pratha ke baare mein hai jo sadiyon se chali aa rahi hai: Chocolate Moulds Ki Daastan.

1. MOUDLIN Chocolate Mould

  • Available on at Rs 107 with a 4.2 rating.
  • Safe to use in OTG, microwave and dishwasher.
  • This one is a silicon-made mould-tray that comes with multiple-shapes.
MOUDLIN Chocolate Mould

2. FRESHOME Flexible Silicone Ice Cupcake

  • 5 beautiful packs ka khel. Trays available from numerical to alphabet shapes.
  • Suitable for juicy candies, chocolates and fun-geometric shapes.
  • Heat-resistant and silicon-made brown-mould available at Rs 449 on
FRESHOME Flexible Silicone Ice Cupcake

via amazon

3. Amos Chocolate Mould 

“Chocolate jo apko ABCD sikhaye.”

  • This mould can help you to teach kids alphabets.
  • The tray is silicon-made, safely used in a dishwasher and OTG.
  • Special offers are available at at Rs 135.
Amos Chocolate Mould

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 4. Craftaura Chocolate Mould

“Dilbara Eh dilbara, apun ki tu apun tera”

  • Durable and low maintenance mould. The non-sticky mould, easy to make gourmet chocolates at home.
  • Add bits of rose petal on top to add GULAAB flavour.
  • This one is available on at Rs 175.
Craftaura Chocolate Mould

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5. Inditradition Silicone 

“Different shapes of chocolates make me happy. Do you carry the same spark?”

  • If you love shapes, then this tray is for you. This single tray can help you have 30 different slots. It can be used safely in the freezer, OTG and microwave.
  • Available in 6 different colours and designs for chocolate and ice. The brown-coloured tray is available in standard size.
  • Iski keemat hai bs Rs 225 on
Inditradition Silicone

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6.  Craftaura Chocolate Mould

“Dashing through the snow, laughing all the way…”

See Also

  • This one has a rectangular candy mould with a Christmas based theme. Shapes like a sock, candy stick and snowman are available. Light-weighted silicon-made product
  • Cash on delivery opinion available on at Rs 139.

7. Bakers Cutlery Numeric

  • Pack consists of Happy Birthday lettering, numerics (0-9) and can be used for cakes, pudding, dessert, etc.
  • This one is a silicon-made tray with a non-stick surface. This one is thus easy to clean after use.
  • Available at Rs 220 plus free delivery on
Bakers Cutlery Numeric

via amazon

“Mood swings mera dusra naam hai aur chocolate khana mera dusra kaam hai.”

To get the best shape of your favourite cake, surprise your yaar-dost by telling them about the above-recommended candy and chocolate moulds for cakes, jellies, gourmet, etc.

“My desire to swim in chocolate mould ka TALAB.”

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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