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All Thanks To Carl Benz For Fun Long-Drives To Doorstep Cab Services!

All Thanks To Carl Benz For Fun Long-Drives To Doorstep Cab Services!

Carl Benz

All thanks to Carl Benz for saving us from the unimaginable! How? Well, can you imagine a Punjabi song without some highly-priced cars being featured in its video?


You can say that Carl Benz was a visionary. He already knew that we might want to drive on empty, neon-lit streets on a summer night while listening to the music of our fav artists. Or we might feel the need to go for a road trip to Shimla or Manali. Whatever might be the reason, he is the one we all need to thank for the invention of cars which have become an asset to us…and Uber…and OLA as well.

  1. Mujhe iss insaan ka biodata chahiye:
  • Parents: Johann Georg Benz and Josephine Vaillant
  • Birth Date: 25th November 1844
  • Birth Place: Mühlburg in modern Germany.
  • His name was Karl Freidrich Michael Vaillant at the time of his birth.
Carl Benz

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  1. A rough beginning:
  • Father Benz bid goodbye to the world after suffering from pneumonia when Benz was just 2-years-old.
  • The name of the kid was changed to Karl Freidrich Benz as a tribute to his father.
Carl Benz

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  1. Like mother, like son:
  • Dedicated efforts of the Mommy Benz led Boy Benz to Karlsruhe’s local grammar school. It was his first step towards education.
  • He went on to study at the scientifically oriented Lyceum when he turned nine. He turned out to be a genius in both places.
led Boy Benz

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  1. 12th to pass ho gayi, ab aage kya?
  • Despite having locksmithing as his first choice, Benz went on to study Locomotive Engineering.
  • He attended Kalsruhe Polytechnical School at the age of 15, after passing the entrance exam for Mechanical Engineering and graduated at the age of 19.
Locomotive Engineering.
  1. Phew! Ho gayi placement:
  • After acquiring the engineering degree that many of us crave, Benz went on to gain seven years of professional training.
  • For the first two years, he worked at various Mechanical Engineering jobs in Karlsruhe.
Carl Benz

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  1. Mujhse nahi hoga ye 9 to 5:
  • Benz felt a lack of satisfaction in his job. When he was 27-years-old, Carl Benz and August Ritter collectively launched the Iron Foundry and Mechanical Workshop in Mannheim in 1871.
  • Benz soon realized that Ritter was not a reliable partner. The business performed terribly in the first year, and all the business tools got seized.
Mechanical Workshop in Mannheim

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  1. Some superhero, some fairytale bliss… 
  • When his first business was on the verge of failing, his fiancee Bertha Ringer became his guardian angel by investing her dowry to buy shares of Ritter in the company.
  • Soon afterwards, Carl Benz and Bertha Ringer got married and had five kids together.
fiancee Bertha Ringer

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  1. Kuch naya karte hain?
  • After his first shot at business, Carl Benz worked on developing new engines in the factory owned by him and his wife.
  • They started working on new patents in 1878. Benz made a two-stroke petrol engine on 31st December 1879, which got patented on 28th June 1880.
new engines
  1. Yeh dil maange more:
  • After his engine got patented, Benz set out on a series of wins.
  • He patented the speed regulation system, the spark plug, the carburettor, and many automobile elements.
Carl Benz
  1. Here is your birthday surprise, Sir:
  • While celebrating his 17th birthday on 25th November 1914 in his hometown Karlsruhe, Carl Benz got awarded an honorary doctorate by the Karlsruhe University.
  • He became Dr Carl Benz.
Carl Benz

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  1. The legend departed, the legacy stayed:
  • Carl Benz took his last breath on 4th April 1929 at his home in Ladenburg at 84 years of age due to a bronchial inflammation.
  • His home in Ladenburg was named The Carl Benz Gymnasium in his honour.
Carl Benz

The invention of Carl Benz can undoubtedly be termed as one of the greatest of all times. Karl is why we can post Instagram stories of the dashboards of our cars “shamelessly” playing remakes of classic old Bollywood hits through our speakers.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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