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Cars Police Use To Look Out & That You Should Look Out For!

Cars Police Use To Look Out & That You Should Look Out For!

cars police use

For all the NFS-crazy people, here is the list of cars police use to catch rep-cravers!

“Whoop-whoop, that’s the sound of the police!!”

“Whoop-whoop, that’s the sound of the beast!!”

Before NFS & GTA, when one is a tiny-tot, every child loves police cars. The shiny paint, the loud sirens and the colourful lights. But once an adult, it turns out to be a vehicle every adult is wary of. Keeping that childhood curiosity in mind- here is some info about the types of cars police use and the functions they serve:

  1. Patrol Car
  • The first layer of the onion, also the most versatile, that the armada of a police force is. As its name suggests, patrol cars roam around in cities and maintain law & order.
  • They can be stationed without difficulty during emergencies.
Patrol Car
  1. Response Car
  • Response cars are similar to patrol cars and only differ in their performance.
  • They function as chase cars and are a tad bit faster than standard patrol cars.
  1. Heavy Patrol Car
  • Usually Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs), their off-roading capabilities and high carrying capacity make them a popular choice for police forces in the countryside.
  • They are also used for transporting police equipment during emergencies.
  1. Multi-Purpose Vehicles
  • Some countries like India do not differentiate between patrol cars, pursuit cars and heavy patrol cars.
  • A multi-purpose vehicle is a combination of the three mentioned above.
  1. Explosive Ordnance Disposal
  • Also known as the bomb squad in India, EOD vehicles are specially-equipped vehicles.
  • These possess the means and equipment to support the bomb squad.
Explosive Ordnance Disposal

via wikipedia

  1. Riot Control Vehicles
  • Usually consists of trucks that are equipped with sophisticated equipment for crowd control.
  • Some examples are water cannons, deployable shields or tear-gas shell launchers.
Riot Control Vehicles

via wikipedia

  1. Surveillance Car
  • These ones are used to gather information.
  • They are deployed around crime scenes to gather evidence using the CCTV cameras mounted on them.
  1. Dog-Squad Cars
  • These are specially equipped cars that transport police dogs.
  • They come fitted with dog cages and are usually marked to warn nearby commuters.
Dog-Squad Cars

via wikipedia

  1. Traffic Patrol
  • These vehicles monitor the roads and are on the lookout for traffic-rule violators. The modified bodies make it easy for them to force.
  • Their modified bodies aid in forcing violating vehicles off the road if the need arises. They also have speed detection equipment and sometimes function as a pursuit car.
Traffic Patrol

via wikipedia

Now you know what type of cars police use, their functions and look. Next time you see one, don’t panic! As Skipper, the Penguin says, “Just smile and wave.”

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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