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9 Cosy Cat Beds That Make Your Meow, ‘Meow,’ “Me-Aaun”

9 Cosy Cat Beds That Make Your Meow, ‘Meow,’ “Me-Aaun”


A cat owner would know the value of cat beds in this world as they know how much their pet loves to sleep. While bedding for cats may seem a luxurious thing for most of us, who has always found cats comfortable over a tissue, cardboard and most prominently a piece of cloth. Apparently, this is not the case when one decides to be a pet owner. Cat beds affect the physiological and behavioural aspects of the kitty-pet. 

To find a perfect bed for cats is no less than a heartache altogether. We have tried to make your life manageable and stress-free! Refer below for the best cat beds for your cats:

  1. Anello Cat Bed: If your Cat dwells in little boxes, make it comfortable, tighten the security and there you go, the Anello Cat bed is ready to use!

2. Whisker Box: Imagine going into a cat bed, and with every paw on the bed, you feel hugged and comforted. Well, the whisker box will provide you with that feeling. Ahem, not you…your cat.

3. Gotto Basket: Cosy basket that easily blends with all room types as it is stylish and sleek. Made of 100% wool, you can also feel great about the natural fibre in your home.

4. Covo: A luxurious bed that allows your cat with an extra private nap, built in a way that blends the sleep of your kitten into two parallel worlds. The outward shaped wooden box introduces it to the outside world, while the innermost area provides it personal space.

5. Sphere Cat Bed: This cat bed is spherical, making it one of the most unique cat beds on the list. Intricately woven fibres supported by a wooden stand with a soft pillow inside makes this perfect for an afternoon catnap.

6. Jumbo Cat Scratcher Lounge: This one is pricey, but you would get two products in one: a scratcher and a bed. As a cardboard scratcher, it is denser than the others. It is made with 120 layers of 2-millimetre-thick recycled cardboard, and some cats have enjoyed this bed for more than a year.

7. The Cat Ball: A self-explanatory cat bed, this offers security, assistance and satisfying life to your kitten.

8. 4 Claws Furry Mat – Think about a bed that enhances the way your room looks, stops your pet from tearing off something and takes care of the sleep of your pet. This cat bed does it all!

9. Deep Dish Cuddler: A bed that provides your cat with utmost comfort. These ones are usually sold in larger sizes and are frequently utilized for big cats.

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So, before getting into the game of Stuart Little, stop your cat from becoming the Snowball. Get the perfect Cat Bed right now!

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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