Art & Craft

“Joh Dikhta Hai Humko Lagta Hai, Hai …Aur Joh Nahi Dikhta Humko Lagta Hai, Nahi Hai … Lekin Kabhi Kabhi Joh Dikhta Hai, Woh Nahi Hota … Aur Joh Nahi Dikhta, Woh Hota Hai.”

– Aamir Khan
(Taare Zameen Par)

The way a person wishes to see the world and the ideas they wish to put on a paper when the mind fails to express itself through words is what truly defines art. Anything and everything around you is art. The only difference is the way you perceive it. It reflects an understanding of the world we live in, the world we wish to see, the world where happiness and sadness co-exist, where the idea of black and white becomes the idea of a sketch that might become hauntingly beautiful or might make no sense at all. Art is what gives us peace, a feeling of contentment in what we do. We have the absolute freedom to picture our life the way we want it to be through art.