“Degree se sirf certificate milta hai, Akal nahi.”

– Shahrukh Khan
(Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman)

Books are always considered to be the best companion, a best friend of a person. No other form, living or inanimate, can replace them from one’s life. The way books help us to teleport ourselves to a distinct divine world is constructing a new thought process and strengthening our visualisation power. Books are a bridge that connects the two world with the power of words. Avid readers can witness the amalgamation of the two worlds like no one else. If fictional books like Harry Potter can create an unknown world and can bring such a world in front of you, then authors who bring reality on papers to read also do their bit in many revolutionary movements. Books have helped to eradicate this gap of what a person speculate and what the reality is. We’ll be providing you with some of the best books along with their book reviews distinguished based on your favourite genres as we believe that creative thinking comes from book reading and thinking creatively can metamorphose the way you deal with many problems in the real world.