“Who mili mujhse heer ki tarah, taste mai thi vo kheer ki tarah, aur dil ke paar hui vo teer ki tarah.”

– Divyendu Sharma
(Chashme Baddoor)

Desserts can be defined as a usually sweeter course that concludes a meal. These were always a part of our culture. Desserts are served to the almighty as they are considered to be ‘sattvic’ which means pure. Not many people will know the reason of handing out boxes of sweets to guests at weddings, and many sweets can be in the form of cupcakes, chocolates and new innovative Indian sweet companies making their mark in the sweet gifting part of celebrations, as a small token of joy and appreciation. Dried fruits and honey were probably the first sweeteners used in most of the world. We all know how a good desert can uplift our mood. It also has the power to eliminate world wars as they are offered to signify harmony within countries. Desserts consist of wide variations of flavours, textures, and appearances. This definition includes a range of courses ranging from fruits or dried nuts to multi-ingredient cakes and pies and we’ll be covering all these under this platform ranging from unfamiliar facts to the best desserts one should try.