“Khel khel mein, Khel khel ke, Khel khel ye aa jaayega. Haar jeet se, Haar jeet ke, Jeet haarna sikhayega.”

-Amitabh Bachchan

The debate as to whether video games are good or bad for us has been going since the days of Pong and Space Invaders. Unfortunately, most people have always assumed they were the cause of many mental and physical problems even if, there was a lack of scientific evidence to prove it. Some say it is in our human nature to find something to blame when there’s an issue, and video games have always been an easy target but, things have changed and now. Video games can have amazingly positive effects. Some of the benefits are physical, psychological, and social. Contrary to popular belief, they can promote healthy living and increased social activity through various avenues. The advantages of gaming include promoting healthy lifestyles, increasing social activity, slow the aging process, and make the participant a better decision-maker. We’d be talking about the best games around the world to the best Indian players creating a buzz in the gaming world. This blog will also include ways to earn and make a business by playing video games and to keep embracing your passion.