“Duniya mein aise aise heere paida huye hai jinhone sari duniya ka naksha hi badal diya, kyunki yeh duniya ko apni alag nazar se dekh paaye.”

– Aamir Khan
(Taare Zameen Par)

Innovation is the ability to look into places where others don’t. Most people in business want innovation but won’t withstand the commitment necessary to innovate. True innovation demands focus, time and a lot of failures. You’ll require people that can think with you when you’re in the thick of it, and won’t add negative pressure to the situation. Innovators need to bounce off their ideas and possible roads to take with you to see it from a different angle, making it easier to make new connections between seemingly unrelated pieces. You’ll get all the information about extraordinary innovations and many fun facts related to it that will make your life easier.