““Tumlog ye shabd ke piche kyun padd jate ho, Kabhi love ko samjhne ki kosis kiya karo. It’s a beautiful word.”

– Manoj Bajpayee

At an early age, we learn that it’s at best, different to be LGBT. And many of us are taught that this difference is bad — shameful, deviant, disgusting. We might try to hide it. We might wish it away. We learn that even if our family accepts us, there are some relatives who might not; we are asked to hide who we are so as not to make them uncomfortable. Through this page, We want to speak against the patterns of entrenched hierarchy, prejudice and intolerance that continues to bedevil our society. There are a lot of myths and many people still consider it to be a taboo. We believe in “Jiyo aur Jeene do”. Also, Love has no labels. Love comes in all forms. We want to ensure that people should be able to love without the fear of being judged.