“Teri mehfil mai kismat aazma kar hum bhi dekhenge, Ghadi bhar ko tere nazdeek aakar hum bhi dekhenge.”

– Madhubala

The word “Mehfil” is used to describe a gathering of royalty for an evening of entertainment of rich culture, be it in the form of discussion, poetry or music. Mehfils are a place for the reverence of tradition and passion for the arts. Today, they are generally held in the home of especially avid music lovers or the lovers of poetry-recitation gatherings. For some people, Mehfil is the source of an art that has unbounded meaning. It is an extremely surreal form of expressing your emotions, thoughts, and experiences. Mehfil-e-Desichalchitra is everything you can ever think or dream of. It includes everything ranging from Stand-ups, Poetry and Shayari to Music, Debates and GDs, giving you a platform to portray yourself through the power of your words blended with art.