“Tumhara music kisi aur ke music ki goonj nahi, tumhara apna hona chahiye.”

– Farhan Akhtar

(Rock On 2)

We all agree with the fact that life is colorless without music. It has been shown that music has immense power to heal an individual. It is a stimulant for both, the mind and the soul. There is music for every emotion. Listening to music can enhance our feelings. If we’re happy, music adds to our delight. If we’re sad, music diminishes sadness. If we’re depressed, music gives us hope. If we’re angry, music tranquillizes us down. For many people, music is an outlet for their emotions. Elegant music has the power to make you feel euphoria, open up your imagination and connect with your soul. You’ll acquire all the knowledge about classical and western music on this platform along with the best music recommendations for every mood.