“Kuch rishtey karzon ki tarah hote hai, unhe nibhana nahi, chukana padta hai.”

-Varun Dhawan

Relationships encompass so many shades of feelings, affections, attachments that one can hardly give a definite answer. Since a human being has appeared on the Earth, we somehow attempt to express this feeling, to convey the tempest of emotions that overwhelm us being in love, to shape its lines, to unite features of this extremely diverse state that each human experiences at different stages of his or her life in a general formula. We want someone to watch movies and party with, someone who understands us even in our deepest silences, someone to spend time together, to make memories. We want someone who can make us feel alive and brings the excitement and thrill to our life. Relationships are not restricted to marriages or ones for the sake of society. We’re in the era of open marriages and live-in relationships. Through this page, We want to elaborate this changing definition of relationships according to the youth’s point of view and also talk about the milestones of this beautiful journey.