Science ka har ek naya experiment, har ek naya tajurba, ek chamatkar hota hai.

– Manoj Kumar
(Shirdi ke Sai Baba)

The Universe is immense. Many unanswered questions of life lay hidden beneath this place, so unfamiliar to us. This mysterious dark sky that we are floating in is supposedly constantly expanding to no end. Is there an edge? Well apparently there is no center to this expansion nor is there a fixed scale we know of. It’s just an overall expansion everywhere merging into one another and only getting vaster. Many questions and statements are yet to be answered and further investigated. We have come up with many assumptions in which many make sense but what is the truth behind all of this? This topic is the most appealing simply because of the endless conclusions we can come up with, and the way things have left things unsolved makes it intriguing. We’re gonna compile all the interesting facts about all unusual science topics starting from the very basic up to the astonishing advanced ones.