“Manzil toh mil hi jayegi, bhatakkar hi sahi . Gumrah toh woh hai joh ghar se nikle hi nahi.”

Ashish Vidyarthi
(Bollywood Diaries)

Travelling is the sole purpose of life. It is a marvel that needs to be experienced. Every journey we take, short or long, reveals a part of us that we’re unaware of. Random experience at the airport, cultural shock in a strange country, interaction with fellow backpackers at some hostel, discussion over life with a hitchhiker, screaming on top of our lungs while bungy jumping or sky diving, falling for a stranger on a coffee meet during the short visit, associating a song for each destination, packing the bags in 30 minutes while moving from one city to another, and many more such things gives us a different identity. This platform is meant to give you knowledge and inspiration to go and chase your adventures.